23 Pictures Showing Everyday Situations That Would Get On Anyone’s Nerves

We all go through circumstances where we don’t know whether to laugh, cry, scream, or curse. It is those moments that touch our most sensitive nerve, which seems to be right in the middle of our patience and our sense of humor. The following selection of images is precisely the first reaction that anyone who hasn’t lost their mind should have when one of those situations occurs: take a picture and share their pain on the internet. Clearly, that’s the only sensible way to act in these cases!

Bright Side put together some photos that’ll challenge your own tolerance for other people’s pain. We hope those who shared them happily passed the test.

1. “Nobody did the dishes while I was gone for 3 days because ’It’s your responsibility.’”

2. “I would like to share with you all the time I was politely dissed by R.L. Stine. I was in 4th Grade and mailed my book to him to autograph.”

“Please sign here — The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena

3. “My chocolate chip granola bar had ONE chocolate chip.”

4. “This completely flat spoon I was given to eat my soup with.”

5. Let’s hear it for the cruel being who put muscle pain medications on the lowest shelf... Very user-friendly, guys, really!

6. “Never swore more in my life. Spent all day meticulously taping so I’d have nice strait lines on the ceiling. Even worse, I don’t know what brand or shade of white the previous owner used on the ceiling.”

7. “Somebody rearranged the keys in computer class”

8. “I just spent 20 minutes trying to pick this monstrosity off.”

9. “As a retail worker myself, this makes us angry. It takes 30 seconds to put it back where you found it.”

10. “Currently stuck in an elevator in my apartment building, was told about 40 minutes until the tech arrives and I have to pee...”

11. “My mom had just finishing cleaning the kitchen and then spilled a bag of Chia seeds on the ground.”

12. “Don’t you hate it when sinks are made like this?”

13. “Attempted to take $60 out. Got stuck and I couldn’t get it out. Then it sucked it back in and still took $60 out of my account!”

14. “Yesterday my pen exploded in my dryer. Today, this when I get home after another 13-hour workday.”

15. “I made coffee while I was still half-asleep.”

16. “I wish I hadn’t bothered aligning them so I never would’ve noticed...”

17. “The fact that you can dislike a YouTube comment, but it doesn’t say how many dislikes there are.”

18. “Tried to ask her to move her hair but she just ignored me.”

19. “I’m starting to think this view isn’t worth having golfers aiming directly at our home.”

20. A bird had the sudden urge to go to the bathroom in the open mouthpiece of this guy’s coffee... Nice start to the day.

21. “Roommate broke the toilet seat. No worries though. He replaced it.”

22. When you think doing your makeup in the car will save you time and you actually realize it might have been better to not wear makeup at all...

23. “Have cats they said, it’ll be fun they said...” (no cats were harmed and no plants were seriously injured)

Have you ever experienced anything like what these people went through? Tell us your “tragic” story in the comments and let’s laugh at these things altogether!

Preview photo credit iMissMyMsPotato / Reddit
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