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24 Inventive People Who Are Too Good at Problem Solving

“I’ll show you how to use Darth Vader to teach our dog!” “I’ll make a bed using bags!” “I’ll show you how a selfie can help you find your baggage in the airport!” These are all great names for the training courses that people from this compilation could teach. For them, the most important thing is not to just solve a problem, but to do it creatively.

Bright Side wants to inspire you to be as creative as these people!

We think they nailed it.

Most importantly, it works!

“I fixed the hand dryer, boss!”

“My neighbor’s car-turner”

You can see how it works here.

“Working at the airport, we see many people tag their bags. Someone will tie the rope, tag their name, and sign it. Today we came across this...”

“The girlfriend and I wanted a large mirror on our wall but didn’t want to spend a lot of money so we found 6 small closet door mirrors on sale for $4 each.”

“My boss made me this because I keep forgetting to bring my knife to work.”

“The tip jar at a local coffee shop”

When the bar isn’t long enough:

A smart way to paint a railing

How to make a gaming keyboard:

When it’s cold and you’ve just had your nails done:

“First it was recycling the condensation but now she’s quick drying the clothes above the a/c compressor.”

Taking a pizza on a long ride home? Use one of these dashboard reflectors and wrap it up!

“Drained my water heater and the hose I used was just a little short of the drain.”

“My dog has a problem misbehaving in my loft. He’s also deathly afraid of Darth Vader. Problem solved!”

Soda bottle + mobile phone flashlight = warm ambient light

“Need new coasters? Go to the tile store. Just stick adhesive felt or cork on the underside.”

She knows about his plan...

Your smartwatch battery is dead? No problem!

We’re in 2019 while she’s in 3019!

This guy is a genius!

When you don’t have a pool but you really want one:

“Turns out Lego bricks have a perfect fit on my keyboard.”

Have you ever found creative solutions for your everyday problems like these people have? Share your creativity here!

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