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24 Things That Changed Their Appearance Over the Years

The quality of life we have today in our modern society relies on a number of everyday products that we often take for granted. Most of these objects and services took years and sometimes even centuries of experimentation and development to reach their current shape. Some of them might make you giggle, while others may cause you to shake your head in disbelief.

So if you’re as curious about the past as we are here at Bright Side, take a peek at our list of things that changed beyond recognition over the years.

1. Air travel is one of those things that seemed cooler in the past.

The term ’’jet set’’ comes from the 1950s, when jet passenger service catered primarily to the wealthy.

2. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sleek design of modern computers.

Fun fact: the first mechanical computer was invented between 1833 and 1871, becoming the first device that resembles the computer we know today.

3. This trivial everyday object has proven to be a life-saver so many times.

4. Would you let your child play with this nineteenth-century mechanical crawling baby toy?

5. Humble beginnings of the gym treadmill back in the 1920s

6. In the old days, keeping your bed warm without getting burned was quite an accomplishment.

7. Here’s another item that could cause serious burns if not handled carefully.

8. Modern-day fire extinguishers are so underwhelming compared to these beauties from the ’60s.

9. Imagine having your phone take up half of your living room wall.

10. Looks like a lot of modern-day folks would need strong muscles to operate this retro heavy-duty cash register.

11. Sometimes it’s necessary to trade elegance for comfort.

It wasn’t until the 1930s that both women and men could wear shorts in public without being frowned upon.

12. Active girls of the nineteenth century had a very bold approach to fashion and cycling.

13. It took centuries for the mass production of newspapers to take off.

Although the first commercial printing press appeared in 1450, it wasn’t until 1605 when the first official newspaper was printed in Europe.

14. Yet another kitchen item that radically changed its look

15. Kids will be kids, no matter the century.

16. In the early twentieth century, diving was reserved only for the strong and brave.

17. The computer mouse is a perfect illustration of how much technology has evolved over the past decades.

More than 100 years have passed between the invention of the first mechanical computer and the computer mouse.

18. Vending machines have been around longer than we think.

19. Shoes have clearly come a long way from pre-historic models to present-day footwear.

20. The movie projector went through a makeover that made it far less pleasing to the eye but way more practical.

21. If ’’nostalgia’’ was a color, it would be the shade of red used for this 1920s telephone booth.

22. Yet another one of those everyday household items that we often take for granted

23. This essential toiletry item that went through a drastic transformation

24. We can’t help but wonder if these antique washing machines made socks disappear like modern ones do.

Although most of us use these conveniences on a daily basis, we rarely think about their history. So it’s okay to sometimes look back and appreciate these little things that impact our lives on so many levels. Which item’s evolution do you find most surprising?

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