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25 People Who Definitely Deserve a Medal for Their Creativity (Caution: You Might Get Seriously Inspired)

Creative people, whether they’re designers or just ordinary people, put their heart and soul into what they do. They achieve their full potential. Because of them, we can use and buy certain things that bring us both aesthetic and physical pleasure. For example, there’s a crosswalk designed after Super Mario World or an entrance gate made from an old car.

Bright Side found 25 things that were made by really creative people with a hilarious sense of humor.

1. It’s just a decal on this tractor-trailer, not huge mugs.

2. “This pathway has 2 different kinds of stone to make rolling a suitcase around easier.”

3. Would you want to have this exotic toilet paper holder?

4. What a cute convertible! Oh, wait...

5. “This viewpoint in Naples has a handrail that describes the view in Braille.”

6. It looks like this cup cover is floating in the air.

7. “I made a dreamcatcher out of office supplies.”

8. When you need to make a new gate and you have spare parts of an old car.

9. The computer mouse at this BMW dealership is a mini version of a BMW.

10. They are cutting shapes into the concrete and painting it to make it look like the sidewalk was made of bricks.

11. This firework package has a QR code so you know what it looks like before you buy it.

12. A coffee table turns into a dining table in the blink of an eye.

13. “I opened a Heavy Whipping Cream container and now the wrapping looks like a fabulous outfit.”

14. “This bottle of screen cleaner has a gauge to show how many sprays are remaining.”

15. This Luke Cage billboard is being held up by Luke Cage.

*Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, is one of the Marvel characters who’s got enormous strength.

16. Ordinary security cameras were turned into diving airplanes.

17. “Open” easily turns into “Closed” in the most elegant way.

18. It’s hard to just pass by this unusual crosswalk.

19. A barcode was creatively transformed into a part of the truck.

20. We can’t stop looking at how this cup holder works.

21. This restaurant uses spoons with a special edge that prevent them from slipping into the soup.

22. The stairs in Livraria Lello bookshop in Porto

23. The urinals at this bar are made from old retired kegs.

24. The letter Р in this Fiat Punto sign reminds of a driving person.

25. “In Spanish-speaking countries, the tooth fairy is a mouse. This is my dentist office.”

What thing do you think is the most creative on this list? Share your opinion in the comments.

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