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25+ People Who Probably Show Up at Work Just for the Money

Strange designs, puzzling signs with even more confusing instructions, creepy toys that will frighten not only children but any adult, all these things have something in common — they have all been created, produced, and then installed by incredibly ‘talented’ people. Though as we will see, the only talent they have in reality is the ability to make money and make a mess at the same time.

Bright Side has found some examples of these ‘top performers’ and would like to share them with you today.

1. “I just wonder why?”

2. “That’s a very long arm.”

3. “I can’t see how this could work.”

4. “Can’t fit 2 USB adaptors for my USB-C-only Mac at the same time.”

5. “This confusing lift sign at a local hospital.”

6. “The placement of this urinal in my high school...”

7. “Are you OK, Pikachu?”

8. A very strange handle. But why buy it after all?

9. “Couldn’t even put a panel?”

10. Heart of spades win!

11. “So... which way to open?”

12. “They really built a wall on the 1/6 of the window in my school.”

13. Just imagine them installing that bathroom sink and then trying to get out.

14. “Useless sidewalk”

15. “This frog has paws.”

16. “Imagine looking down after a wipe to see that.”

17. Some designers should study child psychology before making any suggestions at all.

18. Found Wallace.

19. “What happened to you, Po?”

20. “Because opening a door is overrated.”

21. “In 2017 I was in Paris and THIS was the toilet.”

22. “This useless piece of fabric meant to separate first class.”

23. “Looks like the kid didn’t make it out of the hospital.”

24. And don’t forget to give “THONKS.”

25. “Mirrors in the women’s bathroom.”

26. “These coffee shop tables are designed to play checkers or chess but have an umbrella going through the middle.”

27. A book shaped like “E,” an E-book.

28. “I just wanted to see the time for the next bus.”

That’s our collection for today. But we strongly believe you’ve also seen something like that before, haven’t you? Please share your stories and photos in the comments below.

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