25 People Who Were Lucky Enough to Get Amazing Things for Free

It may sound too good to be true, but it is possible to bring home jewelry, appliances, and even expensive furniture without spending a single cent. All it takes is the patience to look through a dumpster or to go for a random walk, and you might just score treasures from other people’s trash — like these very lucky people did.

Bright Side rounded up some photos of people’s incredible and 100 percent free finds, which made us wish we had their good fortune as well.

1. Who would throw out such a majestic couch?

2. “Jewelry from dumpster diving — gold and sterling silver rings with real diamonds.”

3. “Just a replica of this Eames chair already costs $1,200. Good find.”

4. “I don’t watch much TV, but when I do, it comes from the curb. Fully functional Sony 4K TV.”

5. “Working KitchenAid professional mixer with attachments, just sitting on top of a trash can!”

6. “Favorite (and heaviest) curbside find ever!”

7. “Found almost $1,000 worth of dog food and none of it was expired.”

8. “Most random find in my life. Had an envelope attached, saying it’s never been used.”

9. “Found this in my neighborhood. Good thing they didn’t put it in the trash compactor.”

10. “$300 headphones still in shrink wrap”

11. One pharmacy’s trash... is another person’s skincare treasure.

12. “I didn’t realize how heavy old sewing machines are, until I found this one while riding my bike.”

13. “A vacuum from the dumpster had a minor issue, which took 2 minutes to fix.”

14. Who knew you could go shopping in the trash bin?

15. Dumpsters can be a haven for collectors’ items.

16. “Found a working mini-fridge and made a profit off of it.”

17. A laser printer dug up in a business complex dumpster.

18. “Before and after pictures of a cabinet I found in the trash.”

19. “My girlfriend said she needed a fan for work and the dumpster gods heard!”

20. “Neighbors threw this out. I’ll happily take free high-quality furniture.”

21. “Expensive cheese and sausages thrown out in gift boxes. They’re not even expired yet.”

22. “Found a little money pouch with some nice bills in it while dumpster diving.”

23. “I just said I wanted a bigger grill today. Thanks trash gods!”

24. “Best find yet! I’m amazed at what people throw away.”

25. “My neighbor was moving out, so he got rid of stuff he doesn’t need. Got this for free with clean title, and it runs.”

Do you also have cool stuff that you got for free? Which of your things would you consider your “greatest haul?”

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Preview photo credit Pm_me_ur_dealbreaker / reddit
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