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25 Photographic Reasons Why Winter Is the Best Time of the Year

Despite being the coldest and gloomiest season, it’s a wonder how much joy winter can bring. From the holidays to the gifts — to the giant ice lizard blocking half of the street or the snowmen penguins guarding your door, winter sure is a special time. Don’t even get us started on sniping friends with snowballs like a modern-day Robin Hood.

We at Bright Side can’t help but relish in winter’s revelry, so we’ve collected 25 photos to set us all in the right mood.

1. “I went out to shovel my driveway. Now I have 15 gnomes on my lawn.”

2. “Winter is clashing with autumn for dominance.”

3. Buried Christmas lights make magic.

4. “Someone made a giant iguana out of snow.”

5. “My son’s first time in the snow”

6. “When you wake up to just over 40 inches of snow overnight”

7. “The most perfect little snowflakes in my son’s hair”

8. “I’ve been enjoying the snow.”

9. “Frosty cobwebs”

10. “A stargazing ice sculpture and a little buddy in our local park”

11. “The way the frost looks on this leaf”

12. “I found some icicles looking like chess pieces!”

13. Mad Max: flurry road

14. “Someone made a snow statute on my street.”

15. “A bird-shaped icicle that formed on our front porch”

16. “I decided to make a penguin army during the first snow of the year.”

17. “Ice formed on a fish pond net.”

18. “Last night, my parents made a 30-inch Olaf on our frozen swimming pool cover.”

19. “An awesome ice formation surrounding a single leaf on top of my car this morning, like a boat in the ocean.”

20. “This reminds me of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, between the 2 worlds.”

21. “Meanwhile in Madrid, someone sculpted the Venus de Milo out of snow.”

22. “Couldn’t miss my chance to enjoy the snow when it finally snowed in Texas yesterday.”

23. “Finally got a little snow to help pull it all together.”

24. “The way the snow fell on these chairs makes me happy.”

25. Can we call it a frosty relationship?

What is your favorite season and why?

Preview photo credit Smelvidar / reddit
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