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25 Times a Green Thumb Took Their Gardening Project a Bit Too Far

Caring for and watching a plant grow is one of the most satisfying things you can experience. The soil doesn’t ask for much to give us the best of itself — just good fertilizer, sun, and enough water is all it takes. As a reward, we get vegetables, fruits, flowers, and an immense variety of plants. It’s incredible that vegetables as big as a pumpkin come out of such a small seed. But sometimes, nature goes one step further and offers us gigantic crops. This is what happened to some Reddit users who decided to share their precious and huge crops with the world, almost with a sense of paternal pride.

Bright Side wants to share these people’s happiness by showing you their impressive crops, many of which came straight out of their backyards.

1. “Massive beets from last fall’s harvest — used a 4-liter milk jug for scale.”

2. “Check out my king of a zucchini!”

3. “Third harvest this size”

4. “The joy of having a bountiful harvest of mustard greens”

5. “I’m growing my cantaloupe vertically and they needed a little support so I crocheted some tiny little hammocks.”

6. “My son got this cabbage as part of the Bonnie scholarship contest, and we harvested it today. 15 pounds of cabbage goodness!”

7. “We grew some zucchini!”

8. “My first-ever sweet potato harvest”

9. “Me standing next to the sunflowers my hubby said would never grow because all I did was ’throw seeds on the ground and cover them with dirt.’ Using myself for scale, I’m 5’4”. 🤗🌻"

10. “Some of you thought I wouldn’t go through with a maternity shoot for our mutant baby zucchini but here’s the thing fam: 5 lb and 6 oz of delicious zucchini!”

11. “Just harvested another year’s supply of garlic.”

12. “My carrot looks like a kraken.”

13. “Gourd tunnel progress”

14. “’Growing carrots is easy,’ they said.”

15. “The corpse flower at my university is blooming. It’s the largest flower in the world. When it blooms, it smells like rotting meat. It took 8 years to get to this point and the bloom will only last a day or so before wilting.”

16. “A couple of years ago, I threw a pineapple top in the dirt to compost. Today, I’m harvesting these 2 beauties.”

17. “I’m so impressed with the colors! 🌈”

18. “Our sage REALLY liked our compost mix this year!”

19. “My ’Brussels sprouts’ plant that turned out to be cauliflower because my seed packet had the wrong label”

20. “Someone told me to post this thick boy here.”

21. “First house, first garden, first basil plant!”

22. “Stayed up late for my first dragonfruit flower!”

23. “When hobbies collide”

24. “I quit my job a few months ago to become a full-time gardener for a restaurant! This is just some of today’s pepper harvest. I’ve landed my dream job!”

25. “Just another ‘I grew this’ picture. But seriously, I GREW THIS!!”

Have you ever grown something yourself? What did you plant in your own garden? How did you feel about your first harvest? Let us know in the comments!

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