27 Examples of People Having the Best Day Ever

If we look at luck statistically, we’ll find that it is quite an ordinary phenomenon, even with the world being as big as it is. Every day, thousands of people on Earth get "flukey."

We at Bright Side gathered 27 convincing pieces of evidence – with the most touching one waiting for you at the end of the article.

1. "I bet the owner could not believe their luck!"

2. Not a scratch!

3. The meaning of balance

4. Now all you have to do is open the cupboard very, very carefully.

5. When you go to the store and all the cashiers are free:

6. "I was blessed today with a giant donut that was made with leftover dough from my local donut shop."

7. The driver is lucky to be alive.

8. Pure luck

9. It could have been worse.

10. "The amount of luck here is over 9,000 points."

11. "I’ve always been afraid of my keys falling into the elevator shaft, and this is what happened the other day."

12. I wish all chips were like this one.

13. "Hit the jackpot!"

14. A triple cookie

15. When you get really lucky in an exam:

16. A 5-leaf clover

17. "My mom’s lemon tree produces the biggest lemons you’ve ever seen."

18. Expectation < Reality

19. "If it fits, it drives."

20. "I got a Kit Kat with no wafer."

21. A monster banana

22. "My yogurt cup didn’t have any yogurt on the lid."

23. "I think a squirrel fell off my roof. And then it just walked away."

24. "Well, that was a close call."

25. "One of our avocados had the smallest seed I’ve ever seen in an avocado."

26. "Why do you want to be a cheerleader?" they said.

27. It was his lucky day.

Do you have good luck? Tell us about your greatest or most unusual stroke of luck!

Preview photo credit BBC Autos / twitter, akbl55 / reddit
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