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28 Bizarre Things From Thrift Stores That Left Us With Too Many Questions

Do you have a boring life and feel like it’s not crazy enough? Welcome to thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Only here will you see the craziest, scariest or funniest-looking things that nobody knows how to use. A Tyrannosaurus head to mounted to the wall, a dog language guidebook, a burger-shaped phone — and these are just a few examples.

We at Bright Side decided to join the internet community in searching for crazy stuff in thrift stores and now we know for sure that people’s imaginations are limitless.

1. “I found this at a garage sale. Never have I been so pleased with what I bought.”

2. “A can that I found at flea market. I wonder how many people bought this.”

3. “Found a tiny hat at a garage sale. It only really fits one member of my household.”

4. “Found this at a thrift store. The inside is hollow. He looks traumatized.”

5. The best thing you can buy for $20

6. “Lost track of my 2-year-old at a garage sale. Turned around and saw this...”

7. How’s this for a Hollywood movie?

8. Not creepy at all

9. This brush is used to spread sauce on food.

10. What people did before dating websites were invented:

11. “Found some new art for my bathroom for $1 each.”

12. Don’t forget to look at the entire thing before you buy it.

13. “Easter Island head-shaped tissue box for $3”

14. Burger-phone

15. A perfect multifunctional radio

16. Dog translator... Totally worth it.

17. “My fave item of clothing and still the best thrift shop purchase I’ve ever found.”

18. The best hat for fishing

19. “My daughter is too small for it now, but can’t wait to take her on walks in her new shark stroller.”

20. “Every Christmas my family does a tacky sweater party with a white elephant gift exchange that has become something of a competition for the weirdest, most intentionally awful gift. For $2 I may have just found this year’s winner.”

21. “Found this dress at a local thrift store, can’t tell what color it is...”

22. This city needs a hero.

23. A perfect rock for just $1

24. The Michael Jackson of frogs

25. Anonymous mask for the winter

26. A chair that is always taken

27. A Cheeto tie

28. “Found a transparent bowling ball with a skull”

Have you ever found or bought anything this crazy at a thrift store or yard sale? Tell us in the comment section below!

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