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7 Surprising Things the Future Might Have in Hold for Us

In the past, if we had released a Roomba on the Ancient Roman Forum, it might have caused the fall of Rome much sooner — and who knows, we might as well end up being those Romans in 50 years! So far, our world has transformed due to advancing technology, and researchers have some theories about what could come next. Thanks to the quick expansion of technology, it’s much easier to observe what may come in the future.

We at Bright Side gathered some speculations based on researchers’ theories about the future, and it looks like it might be possible for it to come into existence.

1. ​​We might become sea dwellers.

Even though we may never be able to grow gills, it is still possible to live underwater in the near future, by 2030. A couple of scientists believe that we’ll live in the deep blue because of our escalating population. We’d have access to the sea’s natural resources, and it would function by using the water’s natural temperature. We might also be able to remove salt from the water and drink it. By 2030, this “Ocean Spiral” plans to take in about 5,000 people.

2. Brain reading robots could become a thing.

New research has shown that people could one day use their thoughts in full effect to report issues that a machine makes in less than a second. All it would take is agreeing or disagreeing with the robot inside your head instead of manually having to press a button or make an action. The machine will be able to adapt to the way you think and how you are.

3. The days may get a lot longer.

Our Earth’s rotation is slowing down not only due to environmental changes, such as glaciers melting, but also the moon’s pull. Because of this, our days are slowly becoming longer, and in about 100 years our day will increase by 1.7 milliseconds. Even though this might not seem like a major difference, over time it adds up, having a “cumulative effect.”

4. We may be able to make transplants from other species.

In the modern world, people have been making organ transplants, but some were not so successful due to a lack of donors, immune rejections, or personal concerns. There might be ways to make transplants from other species to humans, and scientists can make this organ more compatible with a human’s. We might also have medications that are better for us based on our genetic makeup, including transplant medication.

5. Robots could get an approximation of human emotions.

In the future, robots will probably never have emotions like we do, as they are made of metal — they don’t breathe, have heartbeats, or blush. However, they will probably get close to having emotions, in terms of copying neurons. For example, if they get a compliment, they may probably know this is an appraisal and react as a human would. If scientists built robots that care about us, they would make our future brighter instead of a duller “careless robot” who does what it wants.

6. We might be able to travel to space.

Traveling to space may become a thing for tourists or for business purposes — but it may only be an option for some because of the expenses. People may be able to experience all kinds of journeys, from high altitude flights to no-gravity encounters to long orbital trips to space. Tourists might even be able to control the aircraft in some cases.

7. Algae could become our future food source.

Globally, the food shortage problem is expanding, and some growers believe they can overcome this problem by increasing algae consumption, which can become the food of the future in terms of nutrition and health. Algae has been consumed by people dating back thousands of years, and they have health benefits, such as omega-3 fatty acids and fish oils.

Which point shocked you the most? Are you looking forward to what the future has in store for us?

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