15 Photos That Made Our Inner Perfectionists Rejoice

2 years ago

Watching a video of someone scooping a perfect little ball of coffee or pouring a topping on a cake — this type of content may feel so good and rewarding because it tricks our brain to feel as if we have completed a task, and a finished objective means reward. And thanks to that, we release dopamine, also known as the “happy hormone.”

We at Bright Side want to present you with a quick boost of happiness with 15 pictures so perfect they will make your inner perfectionist scream in joy.

1. “My leggings matched the chair at the vacation rental.”

2. “The reflection in the window matched well.”

3. “These fresh tracks in the sand”

4. “The way I scooped out my coffee this morning”

5. “It never happened to me before!”

6. “The whole box of ’em.”

7. “Sharing this coffee I made this morning”

8. “My girlfriend’s aunt’s dog has a perfect circle in his fur.”

9. “Condensation on my can”

10. “Clean snowblower lines after a fresh snowfall”

11. “The slice of turkey fits the piece of grilled sourdough bread perfectly.”

12. “Perfect fit, sunbathing”

13. “The dumplings’ pattern”

14. “Cut the kids I nanny a quesadilla into quarters only to make a delightful discovery.”

15. “Paint in the sunlight”

Which of these did you find the most satisfying? Drop a comment.


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