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If There Was an Academy of Anti-Designers, These Would Be Their 19 Senior Projects

All people fail sometimes, yes, even you. But while it’s one thing when something like this happens accidentally, it’s a completely different situation when strange masterpieces like belt-shorts or creepy swans get mass-produced. We hope that it’s just some kind of weird humor.

We at Bright Side are completely sure that this compilation will improve your mood.

“I was presented with this really cute soap but after the first use, I’m scared to enter the bathroom.”

We think that this swan has seen a lot of crazy stuff in its life.

Fashion, you’re crazy.

A nice locker room with a transparent door...

This bread packaging that makes it look like it’s moldy

These potatoes don’t look very promising.

“Let’s just make our plates look like they haven’t been washed in 4 years.”

What were they thinking?

“The single worst clock I’ve ever seen. I actually said aloud, ’Whyyyy?!’ ”

“These stairs in my in-laws’ summerhouse that require you to climb down”

Dark navy, almost black vinyl pool chairs — who thought this was a good idea?

The death gate

Is there anything wrong with this dog?

Well, that’s creative!

PaAis, the most romantic city in the world...

The sponsor of your nightmares

Something definitely went wrong here.

Covering a candle with paper. Smart.

A urinal and a toilet on a ferry in Finland

What strange designs have you seen in your life? Tell us in the comment section below.

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