Stay-at-Home Mothers Can Now Add a New Job Title to Their Resume, and It’s a Total Game Changer

Mothers might often face discrimination at work because employers perceive them as unreliable. Luckily, the situation is changing. Today, being a mother is actually a job title, and you can now include it on your resume on LinkedIn.

Bright Side is here to explain why you’ve actually been employed all these years.

Moms can be discriminated against in several ways.

Pretty often, stay-at-home mothers find it hard to find a job after maternity leave. They often experience discrimination in the hiring process and the workplace. At the same time, trying to conceal the fact that you have children can lower your hiring prospects. This leaves moms frustrated and unable to return to work.

How one post managed to influence LinkedIn

A working mother, Heather Bolen, criticized LinkedIn by calling it “old-fashioned” and “sexist.” She complained that such a narrow definition failed to represent the type of work moms do. LinkedIn executives agreed with her point of view and decided to make changes.

The long-awaited changes are finally official.

Before, users could only choose “homemaker,” regardless of their caregiving role. The title failed to describe the job adequately. Luckily, LinkedIn has officially added a job title, “stay-at-home mom,” as well as other options, like “stay-at-home dad/parent” or simply “mom” and “dad.”

Why “stay-at-home mom” is better than just a “homemaker”

According to LinkedIn, the new feature will help job-seekers to explain their resume gap while applying for a new job. Additionally, LinkedIn’s engineering director, Bef Ayenew, believes the changes will allow users to display their roles more accurately.

So don’t be intimidated to include the job title in your resume. Being a full-time mom can be considered a real job. They are skilled at many things, including planning, managing, and resolving conflicts, just to name a few. Now you don’t miss out on the opportunity to show off your skills to potential employers.

Are you a stay-at-home parent? Do you agree that it’s difficult to find a job after a career gap?

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