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Single Women Are the Happiest According to the Latest Studies

No matter how you feel about it, the fact remains that the number of single women is growing. It’s a tough call to say why they prefer to stay single or if they are truly happy. Maybe it’s a demographic inequality or the modern world just doesn’t leave them any other option.

We at Bright Side decided to go deeper into this topic and found out that single women are actually the happiest, and here’s why.

It has turned out to be a fact that women work harder in relationships. Of course, this is a generalization, but it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that women put more effort into building and maintaining their relationships.

So after a certain point, they just get tired of all that. Between the ages of 45-65 approximately 32% of women and only 19% of men were happy being single.

Yes! It is relaxing after a long relationship to just be single! Women start work only for themselves with no stress and without feeling guilty. Finally, they can go on a long trip or just start tango classes. 61% of single women in the UK say they are satisfied with their relationship status.

There are no more family duties! No need to cook. You can just order some food and be super happy about it.

Love simply stops being the center of the universe. Let’s just say that they discover another kind of love, for themselves.

It also happens often that a woman gets a divorce after having children. In this case, her love is concentrated on the child and there is literally no space for a new man.

We are sure that you also have friends who have been single for 1-3 years already. The research showed that this is not a rare thing nowadays! 75% of single women haven’t been searching for a relationship in the past year. When you see these numbers you wonder what the problem is!

Yes, they also search for true love, but the longer you stay out of relationships, more you understand that you are capable of doing everything by yourself. And there is no need to date just because you are scared to be alone.

Women wait for real, strong feelings and spend all their free time on developing themselves. And that brings them lots of joy and confidence!

Now we also know why men feel better in relationships! While women prefer to have alternative social networks, men mostly rely on a partner or a wife. So there is no surprise that women can easily solve any kind of problems by just asking someone else for help. And if a woman is single, she tends to have more friends, while men are less active in expanding their social networks.

Do you agree that being single is good? Or do you think that a woman has to have a boyfriend to feel fulfilled? Share this article with all the single ladies out there!

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