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The 6 Most Attractive Pets a Man Can Have to Prove He Can Be a Loving Partner

We all have certain things that help us to decide the attractiveness of a potential date — but this is one we may all have in common. A study looked into the impact owning a pet has on the dating lives of men and women. Many women agreed that a pet makes a man more attractive — but how much more attractive depended on the type of pet he had.

At Bright Side, we were interested in this phenomenon, so we decided to look into why women find men with pets more attractive and which pets are the most attractive in a man. We want to share our findings with you, so read on to find these out.

Why women find men with pets more attractive

It shows he knows how to love and be kind.

According to surveys, one of the top reasons that women find men with dogs more attractive is that it proves to you that the man knows how to love and is emotionally open. Clearly, if he can open his heart to a puppy, he definitely can to a potential girlfriend.

It’s no accident that you pay attention to how a date interacts with pets. A man’s behavior toward a beloved furry friend is a good indication of their character and can show a man’s kindness, loving personality, or humor. It can be a good judge of relationship dynamics — and you are likely to be quicker to trust a man who gets along well with your pets.

It reveals his potential parenting skills and that he cares about family.

The research found that the majority of women they surveyed would consider a man based on how he interacts with his pets. This could be because you can tell from this if he would have good parenting skills or not. So, when a man cares for a pet, it can indicate to you that he puts an emphasis on family. Also, the expense and maturity it takes to care for an animal may make you believe that he has the wealth and responsibility to be a good family man.

This doesn’t have to just be related to pets — experts are quick to reassure us that how he treats his friends is an equally good indicator of how you, or potential children, will be treated. Vulnerability and honesty about his struggles or imperfections also prove that he cares.

It makes him seem safer.

People with dogs seem safer, friendlier, and more approachable, and the presence of a pet can help to ease any social awkwardness you may feel with a new date. Not to mention, pets also raise our levels of oxytocin and other hormones — and those warm, fuzzy feelings may then extend to the animal’s owner too.

Remember, a pet doesn’t make a dangerous man safe, it can just make him seem that way, so pet ownership isn’t the only thing you should be aware of.

The type of pet does matter!

The study did find that the type of pet a man has was an important factor. For example, men with puppies were found to be the most attractive to women, whereas men with cats weren’t seen to be as attractive — in the long term — as those with dogs. Men with cats seem more dangerous and exciting (good for a fling), whereas those with dogs seem more caring and the marriage type. This is because dogs are seen as more social animals than cats, suggesting that the person may be more socially engaged.

Here’s a ranking of the most attractive pets a guy can have, according to a survey of women:

  • Puppy — men with puppies were found to be 13.4% more attractive. Bonus: It’s extra enticing if the man’s pup is an adopted rescue pup!
  • Small dog — men with small dogs were considered to be 4.2% more attractive.
  • Medium-sized dog — men with medium dogs were 3.8% more attractive.
  • Cat — men with cats were found to be 3.4% more attractive.
  • Kitten — men with kittens were seen as 3.1% more attractive.
  • Large dog — men with large dogs were 2.5% more attractive — still more attractive than no pet at all, though!

Do you pay attention to pets when you’re starting a new relationship? Do you or your partner have any beloved pets? Share with us in the comments!

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