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Why Friends Who Love Your Kids Like Their Own Are So Special

There’s nothing better than seeing how deeply your best friend cares for your child. They have a special bond, eat ice cream together, and endlessly play with one another which makes your friendship even more precious. But it’s not just about the good feelings this gives you — this sweet contribution and devotion gives you more than you think.

Here at Bright Side, we’re convinced such friends are a blessing to both you and your kids, so don’t forget to hug them next time you run into each other!

They’ve chosen to love you and your kids.

Your close friends are your family by heart. You’ve been through ups and downs together, and if they’re still around with you and your kids, they will likely be a close friend of yours forever. They love you and your kids not because they have to but because they choose to, and this love will never end.

They love everything that’s an important part of you.

Life definitely changes after you have kids, and now they’ve become the center of your universe. You leave a lot of things you used to do behind and focus more on your family. Because of that, you might lose some friends, but those who love your children won’t go anywhere because they’ll always be there for you and your kids, and you never have to choose between them or your children. It’s all for one and somehow, it feels like it was always meant to be this way.

They’re the people you can trust with your children.

They’re happy to watch them from time to time to let you rest for a couple of hours. And they’re your best nannies that know everything about your kids. You can be sure they won’t feed your kid anything with nuts because they know about their peanut allergy and they’ll buy them a green dinosaur T-shirt because they know your kid is obsessed with the color green and dinosaurs. You trust them as much as you trust yourself, and they trust you the same.

They truly care and take your stories personally.

Not only could they listen to your parenting stories and problems forever, but they give you the best advice. They want to celebrate your kids’ victories with you and they’ll definitely be crying alongside you on their graduation day.

They’re older friends to your kids.

There are some situations your kids don’t feel comfortable talking to you about. They won’t always listen to you, tell you every detail of a story, or ask you questions you wish they would. But you have it covered because your children have a wise adult by their side who they trust and who they can ask for advice or help. No questions, no judgments — they’re just there for your kids.

They’re role models for your children to look up to.

When kids don’t listen to you, they will probably listen to your friends who care for them. They’re those they look up to, and the people from who they learn about care, kindness, compassion and unconditional love.

They’re bonus parents to your kids which is a real privilege.

There’s never too much love, and the more people there are who love your children, the better it is for them and the easier their life will be. They are lucky to have so many people who always have them covered and who they can count on in any situation. They have extra people who love them unconditionally — and isn’t it the best gift possible?

Do you have the kind of friend we’re speaking of? Write in a note how thankful you are for your friend and send it to them!

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