10 Movies for Those Who Think They Can Foresee the Ending of Any Flick

There are 2 types of movies: the ones where we know the ending from the first frame, and those that keep us in the dark until the last frame. Usually, it’s the mysterious ones that leave us pondering upon the ending and enjoying the bittersweet aftertaste.

We at Bright Side collected 10 flicks where the ending is as unexpected as snow in July.

The Wife

  • IMDb — 7.2
    Over their 40-year marriage, an ordinary wife, Joan Castleman, has sacrificed her own literary ambitions for the sake of her husband’s literary career. But when Joe, her husband, receives the Nobel Prize for Literature, Joan starts to question her life choices. And as she is pondering upon herself, life brings her another unexpected surprise.

Get Out

  • IMDb — 7.7
    A young Afro-American photographer, Chris Washington, is going to meet the family of his girlfriend, who belongs to the elite of society and who live in an isolated country house. If only he knew the real reason for this invitation, he would try to get away as fast as he can...

Gone Girl

  • IMDb — 8.1
    Everything was ready for celebrating Nick and Amy’s 5th wedding anniversary when suddenly Amy goes missing. Some traces of the fight are left in their house, as well as several clues that Amy left for her beloved husband as a part of the game she always plays with him on this day. It’s these clues that will help shed some light on her disappearance and that will make Nick reveal some unpleasant mysteries about his personal life.

The Hidden Face

  • IMDb — 7.4
    Fabiana, who works as a waitress, meets a young orchestra conductor named Adrián and they start an affair. Everything seems ideal to her but soon she finds out that the police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of his ex-girlfriend. Moreover, Fabiana starts to feel something strange is going in the house.

Hold the Dark

  • IMDb — 5.6
    This thriller from Netflix is better to be watched in warm weather. The action takes place in a remote village in Alaska among snow, cold, and eternal darkness. That’s why it’s not surprising that not just the humans there, but also the wolves, started to go mad and steal human babies. In order to figure things out, a famous zoologist arrives in the village. But he will soon regret his decision...


  • IMDb — 5.5
    The courageous and romantic Samuel Alabaster intends to marry the beautiful Penelope, a girl from the Wild West. He composes songs for her, intends to give her a pony for their wedding, and even chose a heart-shaped wedding ring. Samuel hires Henry, a preacher, to conduct the marriage ceremony, but there is one small issue — Penelope was kidnapped by a bad guy. And Samuel goes to rescue his bride...


  • IMDb — 8.5
    Andrew enrolls in a music conservatory to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a drummer. After a while, he gets noticed by Terence Fletcher, a teacher whose unconventional methods push him beyond the boundaries of sensibility. Under the supervision of this mentor, Andrew starts to dream even bigger — he now wants to become a great drummer who will leave a trace on the history of music. Eventually, this wish grows into an obsession that kicks things like friendship and love out of Andrew’s life.

The Handmaiden

  • IMDb — 8.1
    The action takes place in Japanese-occupied Korea. A fraudster nicknamed “Count Fujiwara” offers Sook-hee, a poor girl, the chance to take part in a scheme, promising a solid income. He expects to charm Hideko, a rich Japanese woman, and leave for Japan together with her, marry her, proclaim her insane, put her in a madhouse, and take all her money. Sook-hee is to help him by becoming Hideko’s servant, which she did. But suddenly, the Count’s perfect plan is threatened.


  • IMDb — 8.6
    The Kim family doesn’t see much mercy from life. They have to live in a damp, dirty semi-basement, steal an internet connection from their neighbors, and work at occasional part-time jobs. Once, their son’s friend, who was leaving for an internship abroad, offers him the chance to replace him and work as a tutor for a high school student with the wealthy Park family. Having forged a higher education diploma, the guy goes to the Parks’ luxury mansion and makes a good impression on the mother. Immediately he comes up with an unusual plan for the employment of his sister.

Tell No One

  • IMDb — 7.5
    Alexandre Beck’s wife was a victim of a serial killer 8 years ago. Alex couldn’t overcome the loss and dove completely into his work. The situation gets complicated when Alex gets information that his wife is probably alive and moreover, is probably in danger, just like him.

Have you seen any of these flicks? Can you share any other interesting movies that might keep us perplexed for an evening or 2?

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