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12 Little Details From “Grey’s Anatomy” That We Missed, Even After Watching the Whole Series Twice

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3 months ago
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Something from an episode helped save MY life. In the episode where there is a shooter in the hospital, April is confronted with him. In order to keep him from hurting her, she talks to him thus making him see her as a person. A few years ago, my husband who has had 38 brain surgeries ( yes, I said 38) and was suffering from some dementia symptoms, had a psychotic break one day. He tried to leave the house and when I got him to come inside, he got upset with me and lost it. He attacked me and in order to keep him from hurting me more, I did what April did; I talked to him. I tried to get through to him and make him realize it was ME he was hurting. It helped, somewhat. He was till a mess and then some self-defense a friend who as an Olympic kick boxer taught me kicked in and I got him to the floor, despite my injuries and kept him there until the police arrived thus protecting my disabled mother who he had been going after next. He hurt me badly but not as badly as it could have been.
I would love to be able to tell not only the actress who played April, but also Madam Rhimes how very, very much I appreciate what I learned that day about connecting with your attacker. I think it played a very big role in saving me that day.