15+ Favorite Actors From Our Childhood Who Could Easily Become Marvel Superheroes

Nowadays, superheroes are at the peak of their popularity thanks to moviemakers who create great movies about heroes fighting cosmic threats. And these films are successful not just because of the realistic computer graphics we could never imagine in our childhood but also because of the cast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is perfect.

At Bright Side, we decided to return to our carefree childhood and imagine what actors could play modern superheroes if movie studios began to film their famous franchise about the Avengers in the 1990s.

1. Scarlett Johansson — Milla Jovovich (Black Widow)

2. Chris Evans — Brad Pitt (Captain America)

3. Tom Holland — Leonardo DiCaprio (Spider-Man)

4. Robert Downey Jr. — Tom Cruise (Iron Man)

5. Samuel L. Jackson — Morgan Freeman (Nick Fury)

6. Jeremy Renner — Keanu Reeves (Hawkeye)

7. Elizabeth Olsen — Nicole Kidman (The Scarlet Witch)

8. Chadwick Boseman — Denzel Washington (Black Panther)

9. Mark Ruffalo — David Duchovny (Hulk)

10. Chris Pratt — Brendan Fraser (Star-Lord)

11. Sebastian Stan — Christopher Lambert (Winter Soldier)

12. Tom Hiddleston — Christian Slater (Loki)

13. Zoe Saldana — Winona Ryder (Gamora)

14. Paul Rudd — Matthew Broderick (Ant-Man)

15. Paul Bettany — Arnold Schwarzenegger (Vision)

16. Chris Hemsworth — Sylvester Stallone (Thor)

17. Josh Brolin — Steven Seagal (Thanos)

18. Benedict Cumberbatch — Bruce Willis (Doctor Strange)

Who was your favorite actor in the 1990s? Tell us in the comments below.

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