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15 Photos of Young Actors You Might Not Have Seen Before

Science tells us that our facial bones actually continue changing shape and angles as we grow older. And when it comes to aging, no one can show us this transformation better than Hollywood legends who have continuously graced our screens for decades. But it seems that not all humans age equally. Because while some stars’ features mature over time, others become completely unrecognizable.

Bright Side believes that the charm brought by wisdom equals the radiance of youth. Here are 15 rarely seen photos of big-screen legends at the start of their career that you might find hard to believe.

1. Brigitte Bardot

2. Hugh Laurie

3. Al Pacino

4. Faye Dunaway

5. Christopher Walken

6. Jack Nicholson

7. Jane Birkin

8. Harrison Ford

9. Tippi Hedren

10. Jon Voight

11. Goldie Hawn

12. Christopher Plummer

13. Kim Novak

14. Alain Delon

15. Maggie Smith

Which star on this list has changed the most in your opinion? Do you think that men and women age the same way?

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