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26 Hilarious Animation Fails That Make Japanese Cartoons So Unique

We all love Japanese animation for its atmosphere of magic, its eye-catching characters with huge eyes, and the real emotions it makes us feel. But despite all this, sometimes animators make such irrational mistakes that we can only wonder how they didn’t notice them.

We at Bright Side gathered the funniest moments where animators really broke all the laws of common sense and logic.

26. Sometimes layers do matter.

25. How can I make an emergency call using this?

24. “They call me ’Mr. Baby-Arms.’ ”

23. This is the most realistic newspaper I’ve ever seen.

22. Is this Pigzilla?

21. That girl in the background...

20. When you are a really bad painter but you’re trying your best:

19. The mouth problem really exists.

18. Beautiful, really!

17. Was that censorship or something?

16. What are other books about?

15. Sugino’s magical face

14. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...6 fingers??

13. Side mouths in real life:

12. They are the same age.

11. Gender differences? What for?

10. Of course, it’s much more comfortable this way.

9. This eternal problem with hair...

8. There’s definitely something wrong with his hand.

7. Those legs...

6. A true ninja can do anything with their body.

5. Moon Prism Power helps you to grow some extra fingers.

4. When you have such bad eyesight that glasses have become a part of your body:

3. Anime anatomy

2. When your eyes went too far:

1. I knew Conan was small...but THIS small?

Have you ever noticed any hilarious mistakes while watching anime? Share your answers in the comments!

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