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Internet Users Shared the Movie Clichés That Could Even Ruin a Great Story

The production of a movie requires a lot of professionals, including people who consult film directors and screenwriters on scientific or historical topics to make the story more true to life. These people can specialize in astrophysics, psychology, choreography, etc. However, attentive viewers are always there to spot overused tricks or clichés that can ruin any story.

  • Something completely illogical can happen, like a sneeze when a murderer is 3 feet away or a random phone call. Or when they don’t decide to call the police and call their friend 10 times without them picking up. © NinoAmon87 / Reddit
  • Children that are emotionally / philosophically / linguistically intelligent far beyond their years. They can often be seen in romantic comedies. Let kids be kids. © DatasFalling / Reddit
  • When they use computer graphics to make an almost 80-year-old man look like a 40-year-old but he still moves like an 80-year-old in fight scenes. © Oggmonster42 / Reddit
  • Characters that are brought back to life just to keep the show moving. © Wanted-TreeGuy / Reddit
  • That’s what happened in Money Heist season 2. The major character, Berlin, who died in season 1, has more screen time than the alive characters through flashbacks that take up 2/3 of the season. This happened because the character was charismatic, and they didn’t plan the success of season 1. That’s how they had to solve the problem they themselves created. © ExWeirdStuffP***star / Reddit
  • In superhero movies, when the balance of someone’s abilities constantly changes. Especially in fight scenes when a character could end the fight in 2 seconds, but that doesn’t allow for an epic battle scene. So instead, that character just randomly decides to avoid using their most valuable abilities. © ImReellySmart / Reddit
  • Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a great movie with the 2 main actors just being best friends. I’m so glad he and Awkwafina didn’t end up in a romance. It was a nice change. © dreagan021 / Reddit
  • There are no zombie children in zombie movies. © lalunanova / Reddit
  • In medieval-style films and TV shows, peasants look immaculately dressed! © lookonthedarkside66 / Reddit
  • Ciri in The Witcher season 2 also looks like she’s just visited a stylist. She has extended eyelashes, foundation, and lipstick in every scene even though she’s supposed to have been on the road for months. © Mr_Clovis / Reddit
  • Poorly fleshed-out character motivation and intelligence: like, an astrobiologist illogically taking off their protective gear on an alien planet. A real astrobiologist would never do that. © antipho / Reddit
  • Moviemakers breaking the rules they set. © MLD802 / Reddit
  • Exactly. The rules of your universe can be as absurd as you like, but once established they should be followed. If an established rule is broken, characters should at least notice that this isn’t right. © kingalbert2 / Reddit
  • This is exactly why it was annoying when someone pointed out a plot hole or gap in logic in Game of Thrones, and people would always say, “The show has dragons in it, and you’re worried about that?” Like yeah, dragons are part of the world, but things still need to make sense. © ChimpBottle / Reddit
  • And I hate how sound drops to a whispering dialogue you can’t hear properly, and then it shatters your ear in action sequences. © idothisforauir***ch / Reddit
  • I hate it when characters fall in love when the only thing they have in common is having gone through some experience together. You need more to build a relationship on than just being in the same place at the same time. © notreallylucy / Reddit
  • All the major issues could be solved by a simple conversation, but instead, “No, I don’t have time to explain,” leading to force conflict from misunderstanding. © annoyingone / Reddit
  • But the villain will be explaining the evil plan to the hero, always. © Kanigamer123 / Reddit
  • A way too try-hard and completely unrealistic “look how witty I am” dialogue packed into every conversation. Like in Juno. © freebird12g / Reddit
  • Time travel can solve any problem making any dramatic scene lose meaning. Does the main character die? No problem, time travel will fix it. Does something bad happen? Time travel will fix it.
    But at the same time, they will only use time travel if they need it for the narrative. Does a side character die? No time travel because the main character needs motivation, doesn’t matter that the side character was the best friend and had a huge family (for example). © likeaword / Reddit
  • When male characters appear topless for no apparent reason. By the way, this cliché even has a name — The Shatner Effect — after actor William Shatner, who walked around topless in the Star Trek series. © awaythrowniamnow / Reddit

What other movie tricks or clichés do you know of that can ruin any movie or series?

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