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What 17 Popular Beauties of the Past Looked Like at Different Ages, Proving Their Charm is Timeless

When botox and fillers were unknown to us, and plastic surgery was not as widespread as it is now, everyone was aging at the behest of nature. However, wrinkles and gray hair can never spoil natural beauty since attractiveness has nothing to do with the age indicated on your passport.

We at Bright Side decided to compare photos of iconic movie stars of the 20th century at different ages to confirm once again that beauty knows no limits and it only grows over time.

Lauren Bacall (ages 21 and 71)

Grace Kelly (ages 22 and 52)

Ava Gardner (ages 24 and 62)

Gina Lollobrigida (ages 29, 39, and 85)

Bette Davis (ages 25, 56, and 70)

Vivien Leigh (ages 26 and 52)

Ingrid Bergman (ages 27 and 65)

Sophia Loren (ages 26, 60, and 80)

Michèle Mercier (ages 25 and 76)

Brigitte Bardot (ages 19, 30, and 70)

Katharine Hepburn (ages 25, 50, and 74)

Rita Hayworth (ages 26 and 60)

Catherine Deneuve (ages 21, 40, and 70)

Marlene Dietrich (ages 27, 50, and 77)

Greta Garbo (ages 26 and 55)

Elizabeth Taylor (ages 15, 30, and 75)

Who else from the famous women of the past would you add to this list?

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