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10 Icons Who Proved It’s Never Too Late to Do What You Love

It’s essential and fun to have a hobby along with a profession, just to make sure your heart doesn’t miss out on anything you love doing, like a side job! These icons prove that you can do anything you want and love, even during the most time-consuming and stressful jobs ever. It only takes fascination and aspiration to do it, and we all know that’s delightful.

Bright Side picked up a few photos of icons who show that it’s never too late to do anything, especially something you love.

1. Mike Tyson — pigeon lover

The Baddest Man on the Planet, formerly known as Mike Tyson, is a legendary professional boxer who won his first 19 fights all in a row! Talk about talent and wholeheartedness. To think that such a tough, robust human being on the outside, could be so soft and delicate on the inside, is genuinely remarkable.

Tyson keeps 100 pigeons in his garage, and a few thousand in New York City. He has been around pigeons since he was 9 and claims that he can even tell their emotions! He adds that breeding and flying pigeons is even more than a hobby, it’s a culture, “it’s what we do.” Believe it or not, Mike has his favorite pigeon since 2001 and calls him a cool stud guy.

2. John Lennon — stamp collector

That’s right, John Lennon added a stamp with his own picture on it to his album. Most musicians are dreamers and Lennon inevitably had his dream come true, his hobby is once and for all fulfilled. Beginning his mini career as an English stamp collector, to a maxi musician and founder of the Beatles, his impact has spanned way beyond just one generation.

Lennon’s most striking words were All You Need Is Love and Give Peace A Chance. He was surely honest because he unquestionably loved his collection of stamps and found peace in them.

3. Megan Thee Stallion — college graduate

Megan Thee Stallion is a confidence-boosting and determined female rapper who rocks the girly world. She encourages women to be themselves and to stay natural no matter what the norm is today.

Not to mention, she’s a strong woman who has been through grief — her mother and grandmother passed away in the same month. Because of this, she felt that she had a purpose to finish college for them. Majoring in health administration at Texas University, Meg accomplished her goal and is now a graduate rapper!

4. Terry Crews — painter

Terry Crews got it all — he’s an actor, television personality, and played in 6 different football teams, all in one! And the fourth not-so-secretive talent he’s got is painting.

He has been drawing since 1977 and his inspiration came from Star Wars. No matter what his official professions were, his first love was painting. Terry proves that whatever you end up doing, never forget to do what you love along the way, it’s so worth it.

5. Taylor Swift — snow globe maker

Taylor Swift is a dedicated singer and songwriter who is passionate about the characters in her songs and the words she uses for her audience to relate to. One of her passions besides making people feel hopeful through songs is creating handmade snow globes.

In her opinion, beauty is sincerity, and this means that as a hobby you should do absolutely anything you feel vocal in. Taylor calls her globes “Christmas in a jar, with glitter.” She even came up with the idea to create her “extremely rare” snow globe called Lover Snowglobe that can be bought in her store.

6. Snoop Dogg — licensed football coach

Coach Snoop is in the house! The fabled American rapper and businessman sold 35 million albums worldwide, an accomplishment to only dream of. This icon is not only built for entertainment but is also a licensed football coach for his youth team called Snoop’s Steelers.

Snoop Dog’s objective was to set up a League for kids to stay attentive to their goals, just as he was taught growing up. Looks like his hobby was to build relationships, make kids stay focused, and learn — for his and their own good. A true 50-50 contract.

7. Sarah Jessica Parker — knitter

Ah, knitting. The most calming hobby of them all. TV star Sarah Jessica Parker, one of the greatest female characters in television, finds that knitting relaxes her between sets. Not only does she just knit, but she also wears her trendy creation, calling it “the blanket dress,” during a photoshoot on the New York streets.

8. Susan Sarandon — ping pong player

Susan Sarandon, the actress and activist, plays ping-pong because it is simple and entertaining — you can play it in any state, you don’t have to wear specific clothes or shoes and it isn’t divided up by class, age, body type, gender. Super simple!

Susan opened a couple of ping-pong lounges named SPiN and is the owner of the New York ping-pong club. This is proof that you can make your own hobby become an inspiration for others as well! What you love, you share and hope to bring bliss for many.

9. Harry Styles — baker

Before singer and actor Harry Styles became world-famous, he worked in W Mandeville bakery as a 16-year-old. He makes bread and eats it with every meal he has. It really seems like he enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

There’s also a catchy book called Harry Styles Cookbook, which was made for fans and adults who enjoy cooking, all inspired by Harry. Again, loads of inspiration coming from a single hobby.

10. Brad Pitt — limo driver

Oh yes, we all know who Brad Pitt is. The inevitably famous actor and producer whose profession began way back when 21 Jump Street was popular in town.

Brad worked as a limo driver in Los Angeles for a few months while taking acting classes. Not only was he a driver, but he also worked other regular jobs such as lifting refrigerators and dressing up as a giant chicken. This proves that commitment and hard work can get you where you want, even if it means getting a bit chickeny.

What is your hobby? Can you relate to some of these icons?

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