10+ People Who Look Like They Came From the Past, Thanks to the Power of Genes

Yep, genetics surely is a weird thing — one day, you open your old photo album only to discover your great-great-grandpa is looking more like your long-lost twin with time-traveling abilities. A distinctive nose, a familiar glare in your eyes, a crooked smile, or even the whole package. But how often does this happen?

We at Bright Side want to present you with 14 people that look like they are some kind of 3D print version of their relatives.

1. The power of genes is strong in these 2.

2. “My mother at age 21 and me at age 27.”

3. Mother and Daughter on their wedding days. The smile says everything you need to know.

4. “My son (4, 2019) and me (5,1995).”

5. “My mother-in-law in 1962 and my daughter in 2020.”

6. The eyes... they tell the story of generations.

7. “My mom and me when we were 23.”

8. “Me on the left in ‘92 and my daughter on the right 22 years later.”

9. “My birth father (deceased) and I. I only met him as a baby, but he lives on in me.”

10. “I tried that genetics comparison experiment with both my parents... The results were pretty cool.”

11. “Me as a 1-year-old compared to my daughter on her first birthday. Genetics are crazy!”

12. “Me in the 70s and my son a few years ago, I thank my mum for the fringe/bangs.”

13. “Me, seven months old in 1980, and my son, five months old in 2019.”

14. “My grandfather deploying with the Seabees (1942-3) and me on the right.”

Do you look like an ancestor of yours? Tell us in the comments.

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Preview photo credit adreyjay / Reddit
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