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15 Attractive Men From History That Bewitched Us With Their Good Looks

Not all people are eager to learn history, and this isn’t because what they’ve read isn’t interesting — after all, history is all about events that changed the development of the world. And if you think about it, many of those events we learned in school inspired hundreds of movies and documentaries we love. So this disinterest may be because many historical figures are often portrayed as serious fellas with long beards and serious expressions that only bring on boredom. But perhaps we aren’t looking at the right photographs since, in their youth, many of the most famous intellectuals were great models... of beauty.

Bright Side wants to teach you a bit of “male beauty history,” so we’ve selected images of 15 classic models that made us think we were born in the wrong time and place.

1. Johannes Brahms

Although many would find Brahms’ features incredibly attractive, he wasn’t a model or actor, but a German pianist in the 1800s. He was a perfectionist in his work and a lover of nature, so he took long solo walks through the forest. His personality could be somewhat rough but he was kind to children and gave them treats to please them.

He never married, but he did fall deeply in love with the pianist, Clara Schumann. She, however, was married to another man, which made Johanne suffer and write: “I can’t do anything other than think about you... What have you done to me? Can’t you undo the spell you have cast on me?”

2. Charles Chaplin

Frequently, people remember Chaplin for his signature hat, makeup, and funny mustache. However, what they don’t know is that underneath that disguise hid a handsome man that was bursting with charisma. Can you imagine seeing him on the big screen without his signature appearance? He probably wouldn’t have become as iconic, but for many, it would’ve been a feast for the eyes.

3. Rupert Brooke

Rupert Brooke was a poet who, in addition to perfectly posing as the Greek god Comus, wrote exquisite sonnets. His beauty was widely acknowledged in his day. Poet William Butler Yeats described him as the “handsomest man in England,” and even John Gillespie Magee, Jr. went on to write a piece about him called Sonnet to Rupert Brooke.

He had a long history of romantic affairs with people from different countries and professions, but just as the god Comus was personified as a young being, Rupert left this world at an early age from something as random as the bite of an infected mosquito when he was 27 years old.

4. Thomas Edison

He was the inventor credited for designing the electric light bulb and the motion picture camera. He also played a pivotal role in the film industry: his New Jersey laboratory owned one of the world’s first film studios, dubbed the “Black Maria.” In his youth, as we can see, he surely enlightened more than one heart with his bright eyes and gorgeous face.

5. Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac was a novelist born in 1922, who could show off his beauty as well as his brains. Sadly, indulging in a careless lifestyle full of excess, he died of an internal hemorrhage caused by cirrhosis. Fortunately, he left behind many works that we can enjoy today. Who knows, perhaps some of the editions include his portraits.

6. Mike Tiernan

No, he is not posing as a model lying on the floor, he’s practicing sport. Mike Tiernan was a famous baseball player, and boy, could he have made us gain interest in the game just by watching him! He was one of the great hitters of the nineteenth century, and even in the twenty-first century, his photos can spark a home run in our hearts.

7. Hermann Rorschach

Hermann Rorschach was someone who liked to talk and be heard. He was a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist of his time and is known today for designing the Rorschach Test. With that face, many patients likely fell madly in love with him — and we certainly wouldn’t judge them.

8. Almanzo Wilder

This man is mainly known for being writer Laura Ingalls’ husband, the man that inspired her to write the book, Farmer Boy. And who wouldn’t find inspiration in those bright eyes? He was a farmer and father who, after 20 years of work, built a “dream house” for his wife. How romantic! He even accompanied Ingalls to her author events, so we can say that he was a very humble man, but with a million-dollar heart who knew how to make a woman happy.

9. James Stark

James Stark was a distinguished actor from the 19th century. He did theater exclusively, so we only have this photo to appreciate his face. Wouldn’t it be nice to see his smile on the big screen today?

10. Andrew Irvine

Andrew was a British mountaineer who loved adventure and extreme sports. It would’ve been the perfect match for any adventurous soul like him. Unfortunately, however, he disappeared on the third British expedition to Mount Everest. No one ever knew if he reached the top.

His friends said, “Irvine did not live long, but he lived well. Into his short life he crowded an overflowing measure of activity which found its climax in his last wonderful year, a year during which he rowed in the winning Oxford boat, explored Spitsbergen, fell in love with ski-ing, and — perhaps — conquered Everest. The English love rather to live well than to live long.”

11. Yonejirō Noguchi

With his soft features, Noguchi Yonejirō could conquer us both with his face and his words. He was a popular Japanese writer who also lived in the United States and traveled the world, getting to see places like England and France. It sure would have been great to be his traveling companion.

12. Josef Waitzer

No, this isn’t the perfect Greek sculpture from The Discobolus. This man really existed and was a German athlete who competed in the 1912 Olympics. He was gifted in the javelin and discus throw —and in conquering everyone with his looks.

13. Francis Parkman

Now that we can get a good look at Francis Parkman’s young face, doesn’t he remind you of Joaquin Phoenix, at least a little bit? But he wasn’t an actor, much less an Oscar-winning one. In fact, he was a historian and horticulturist (someone who dedicates time to irrigated orchards) who was born into a wealthy family.

Despite the opulence, and the temptation to waste his inheritance, he lived modestly using his resources for research. He became a widower at an early age, so he dedicated himself to raising his daughters on his own. And, as if that wasn’t enough, he suffered a neurological illness that impacted him from seeing and walking throughout his life. However, he loved his vocation, so he managed to continue developing professionally.

14. Anthony Fokker

This aircraft builder can get us close to heaven just by looking at his photograph. At age 20, he built his first aircraft, and years later, he even had his own aircraft company. We have no doubt that with a face like his, many girls must’ve been longing to be his co-pilot.

15. Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway was not only a pretty face, but he was also a successful journalist, novelist, and short-story writer of the twentieth century. Although he was very resolute in his profession, the truth is, as a husband, he was the complete opposite of Almanzo Wilder, who built a house for Laura Ingalls. Hemingway didn’t find happiness with his first wife, nor his second, much less the third. He lived his last days with his fourth wife, with whom he stayed together for 15 years until he died in 1961.

Which of these men do you find most attractive? Do you know another male character that should be on this list? What virtue should a gentleman have in order to be your ideal man? Tell us in the comments!

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