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15+ Aww-Worthy Moments That Became the Cherry on Top of People’s Family Albums

Your kid might be trying to kiss all 15 penguin sculptures at the park or the cat you rescued just the night before might have surprised you with a litter of kittens in the morning. Every story recorded with a good photograph will stay with you forever. It’ll be our reminder of all the positive things in our lives even during our toughest times.

We at Bright Side decided to put together a collection of images filled with smiles and stories that can lift your spirit up anytime.

1. “So, my wife sings the same song for our daughter’s bath time as we used to sing for our dog’s showers. And this is what happens every time.”

2. “This is my daughter. My family and friends tell me she’s beautiful, I think she looks like a turtle.”

3. “My daughter wouldn’t move until she’d given all 15 penguins a cuddle.”

4. “After months of denial and many nights on the couch, I finally got the evidence to prove to my wife why she sleeps better than I do.”

5. “My grandad kept his promise to meet his great-granddaughter.”

6. “My super-happy daughter has the best arm rolls ever! They’re like little bread rolls!”

7. “Took in a stray cat 4 nights ago that followed us home for 4 blocks. We woke up to a surprise the next morning.”

8. “My little sister is off to a great start.”

9. “My grandfather reads a Mother’s Day card to his wife of 65 years, who lost her sight 3 years ago. They are my 2 favorite people in the world.”

10. “Here is my niece and dog paired together as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.”

11. “My girlfriend works at a marine mammal rescue center. This little guy crawled into her lap today.”

12. “Shoveling snow gets boring so I decided to make my little sister a present. She loved it!”

13. “My twin boys met a little girl their age today. This was their reaction.”

14. “My dog knew I was upset because I closed my door and I didn’t come out. She lined her favorite toys outside of my door.”

15. “My little baby Milo is home after being missing for 21 days!”

16. “My tortoise loves it when I hold his hand, he always goes to sleep after I do it.”

17. “Buddy the beagle hugging his best friend at doggy day care!”

18. “My daughter at Disney”

19. “Just under 2 years ago, my wife and I adopted a little girl. 3 days ago, we adopted her biological sibling.”

Which one touched you the most? Do you have a story you would like to share with us?

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