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15 Clever Gravestones by People Whose Sense of Humor Will Live Forever

Just because some people are no longer with us, it doesn’t mean they can’t make us smile — even after their death. A number of photos taken in cemeteries show how people turned their tombstones into a final place for humor with their witty epitaphs.

Bright Side presents the most ridiculous pictures of gravestones that make the idea of death a bit funnier and easier to deal with.

15. "Found this tombstone at a cemetery in Salt Lake City, Utah."

14. Well, we all have flaws...

13. "I chuckle every time I go to the cemetery."

12. Just stating the obvious.

11. The tombstone of Elijah Bond, inventor of the Ouija Board. We can still keep in touch.

10. That's so reassuring!

9. What a nice poem!

8. Paul's Scrabble gravestone

7. "My grandfather always had a great sense of humor..."

6. When you don't give a damn about anything:

5. "Walking through a cemetery when all of a sudden..."

4. See you later, mate!

3. Just avoid answering calls from unknown numbers.

2. Great expectations!

1. Please, do not disturb!

If you've got a picture that belongs on this list, feel free to share it with us in the comments!

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