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15+ Daring Outfits of Princess Diana’s That Turned Her Into a Royal Fashion Rebel

Members of the royal family need to follow hundreds of written and unwritten rules, and their fashion choices are no exception. Even in her early years as a royal, Diana pushed the envelope of royal fashion, which made her style daring and memorable. She would often choose outfits that seemed to be a bit too risky for her status, from bare shoulder gowns and bold colors to risky necklines and slip dresses.

We at Bright Side want to remind you of 15+ outfits of Diana’s that looked pretty bold back in those days and keep inspiring fashion lovers decades later.

A skirt suit of a bright mustard yellow color (1995)

A scarlet red blazer with contrasting white polka dots (1981)

A flattering blue sheath dress with daring cleavage (1997)

Another sheath dress with a low cut (1997)

An oversized suit with a large houndstooth pattern of contrasting colors (1990)

A bare shoulder dress with folds that put an accent on the hips (1989)

A suit with large blue and white stripes that gives strong navy vibes (1985)

Another bare shoulder dress with sparkling stars on the bodice, accompanied by contrasting crimson gloves (1986)

A strapless powder-blue dress with a matching silk scarf that flowed like a train behind Diana’s back (1987)

An iconic navy blue slip dress with a lace trim that looked pretty risky (1996)

A sparkly red dress with thin straps (1981)

A light blue halter-neck dress with pretty low cleavage (1995)

An outfit with a bold color combination (1989)

A bare shoulder dress with a red and black flower pattern (1988)

A captivating sky blue dress with an asymmetrical cut and a bare shoulder (1996)

A dazzling all-red look (1995)

Which of Princess Diana’s outfits are your favorite and why?

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