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15 People Who Got a Chance to Test a Time Machine

Reliving old happy memories is just a click of a shutter away. Just like Marty McFly, people take a trip to the past by recreating photos from their childhood or other important landmarks in their life. The results are beyond fascinating and heartwarming.

Bright Side picked some nostalgic before-and-afters that truly touched us.

1. “I turned 21 today and my dad posted this on his Facebook.”

2. “I accidentally recreated my grandfather’s old photo while visiting his hometown.”

3. “50 years apart to the day”

4. “My dad and me in 1993, and my son and me in 2016”

5. “I recreated my 3-month-old picture with my 3-month-old daughter.”

6. “The brother and I recreated a picture from 20 years ago.”

7. “Hiked 18 miles and climbed a mountain just to recreate a photo from my parents’ wedding day.”

8. “Recreated a pic of my folks from the ’80s.”

9. “I found this tracksuit at Goodwill. Had to try and recreate this childhood photo circa 1993.”

10. “My twin and me on our thirtieth birthday, replicating our most embarrassing photo”

11. “My dad and I recreated a family photo for my eighteenth birthday.”

12. “Thank you Reddit for inspiring us to recreate our quintessential sibling photo.”

13. “For my mom’s birthday, my brother and I recreated one of our most awkward childhood photos as fully grown adults.”

14. “My brother and me”

15. “My twin sister and I recreated an old photo for our parents for Christmas.”

Have you ever recreated an old photo of yours? What makes you reminisce about your childhood? Bring color to the comments with your fun tales and pics!

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