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15 People Who Have Received an Extra Gift From Mother Nature

Although everyone has their own features that make them stand out as individuals, there are some people who seem to have received a mysterious gift from mother nature. Whether that be freckles on their eyes or extra toenails, these incredible people are happy to embrace what makes them special.

Bright Side collected 15 fascinating cases of people being gifted unique human features and feeling empowered to share them.

1. “My friend has central heterochromia. Her eyes change color around the center.”

2. “I’ve had these marks on my left hand since I was born.”

3. “My sister has natural elf ears.”

4. “I have a 6th toenail on my left foot, also known as an accessory nail.”

5. “Me and the tallest person I’ve ever met. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m 5’11”."

6. “It took me until 28 to realize I actually look a whole lot better without caking a second skin on to hide my spots.”

7. “Happy national different colored eyes day... to me!”

8. “I have a heart shaped birth mark underneath my arm pit.”

9. “I have sectoral heterochromia. I’m really happy I was born with something that special!”

10. “I was born with different colored eyelashes but the same colored eyes.”

11. “My daughter was born with highlights.”

12. “My own freckled eye”

13. “I have Raynaud’s Syndrome so sometimes when it’s cold out my fingers do this.”

14. “The white streak in my hair. I’ve had it since I was a little girl.”

15. “I have partial heterochromia (2 different colors in my eyes).”

Do you or someone you know have a distinctive trait? If so, let us know — we’d love to read your stories in the comments.

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