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14 People Who Underwent Gender Transformation and Finally Found Their Happiness

Sometimes people feel they were born in the wrong place or the wrong era. Other times, people feel they were born in the wrong body. The good news is that you can move to another country and even the body can be changed with the help of modern medicine.

We at Bright Side admire people who can listen to their hearts and dare to change their gender no matter how hard the process may be.

“A tale in two headshots: starting a new job in 2018 and starting both a new job and life in 2021”

“Eyeliner is definitely more manageable than camo paint!”

“I have often thought I have missed the boat and am too old to be me but the many encouraging comments I have received keeps me pushing forward.”

“It’s a lot easier to smile now.”

“20 years between these pictures. I’m 42 now. 3 years on hormonal therapy.”

“I feel so disconnected from that person I used to pretend to be. I’m in love with the woman I’m becoming and so proud of myself for living as my true self!”

“Here are two months to one year on hormonal therapy.”

“My music tastes haven’t really changed though — one year progress with 6 months HRT”

“My glow-up”

“Several years between pics and 14 months on hormonal therapy. I’ve never been happier!! ”

“I missed my six-month tranniversary by a few days, but I’m so proud of how far I’ve come!”

“Left, before starting anything. Right, a couple of years of hidden treatments and almost 5 months of HRT”

“Finally a civilian again after 13 years in the military and free to be me. 1 month 4 days on hormonal therapy.”

“12 years in, and still going on adventures together! 2 1/2 years HRT, five years difference”

Which of these transitions amazed you the most?

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