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15 Family Pics Where Our Grandmas Look Classy Like Hollywood Starlets

There’s a kind of magic that comes from looking at old family albums. Those blurred yellowish or black-and-white photos somehow make our ancestors look like movie stars. Especially, when it comes to our grandmothers—stylish and classy ladies who steal our hearts, smiling at us from the past.

We at Bright Side chose 15 photos of grandmas shared by Reddit users, and they all look like they belong in a classic movie or the acting portfolio of a Hollywood star.

1. “— My grandmother in Venice in the 1960s. — Bond Girl.”

2. “My grandmother in Mexico, 1953”

3. “My grandmother was a model in the 1950s and 60s.”

4. “My grandma on her wedding day, 1959”

5. “My great-grandma on the family farm in Texas, early 40s”

6. “My grandma, circa 1945”

7. “My grandma holding my mom, 1958”

8. “My grandmother in 1956”

9. “My grandmother, early 1950s”

10. “My grandma competing in Miss Arkansas sometime around the 1940s-1950s. She got second place.”

11. “My grandmother Nancy on her honeymoon near Capitan, NM. Taken by my grandfather on a Kodak Kodachrome, 1949”

12. “My grandma during Beirut’s golden age, 1950s”

13. “My Mexican grandma looking classy in a typical Spanish mantilla, circa 1940”

14. “My grandma when she was a flamenco dancer with a traveling company, late 1950s”

15. “My grandma and great aunt, 50s”

Do you have cool pictures of your grandparents to share? We can’t wait to see them in the comments!

Preview photo credit f***z / Reddit
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