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20 Brides Who Sewed Their Own Dream Dresses and Made Us All Jealous

The average wedding in America costs about $30,000, with brides having to spend no less than $2,000 on their dress. This high cost convinces more and more women to find cheaper alternatives, one of which is making their own dress from scratch. Keep scrolling and you’ll see some very unique, non-traditional dresses that will surely catch your attention.

Bright Side would like to show some admiration for these 20 women who’ve spent more time than money to create their dream wedding dress.

1. “There are 167 Swarovski crystals and 3,500 Delica seed beads on my dress.”

2. “My custom made wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, and handmade bouquets”

3. A Legend of Zelda themed wedding dress

4. “I made my own wedding dress. 165 hours spent total!”

5. Sometimes your dream wedding dress can only be made by you.

6. “My Mother In Law made me this vintage inspired wedding dress.”

7. A wonderful blue dress with hand-painted flowers

8. “My mother and mother-in-law made my wedding dress.”

9. “I crocheted my lace wedding dress on the bus during my work commute for about 5 months.”

10. “Wedding dirndls have seen an increase in popularity as they combine tradition and style.”

11. “My wearable muslin turned out good though. Now I just have to make it again in silk!”

12. “Here’s the dress I crocheted for my wedding reception.”

13. “7 years ago I sewed my own wedding dress by hand. Never used a sewing machine!”

14. “I made my wedding dress back in 2016 and now it’s going to be part of an exhibition in the Bristol Museum.”

15. “I made my own wedding dress. It may not be perfect but it was just what I wanted.”

16. “Had my dream wedding to my dream man in a dress and veil I made.”

17. Another non-traditional vintage-style dress

18. “I thought, ’It can’t be that hard to make a dress!’ I’ve never been so wrong in all my life.”

19. “Finished sewing my wedding dress just in time — 5 more days until I say, ’I do!’”

20. “This dress was the first one I’ve ever made and was constructed over the course of 2 years.”

Did you make your own wedding gown yourself or did you buy it from a retail store? We’d love to see pictures of your wedding dresses down below!

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