20+ Close-Ups of Celebrities That Show How They’ve Changed Over the Years

It seems that only yesterday Bruce Willis was saving the world and the charming Catherine Zeta-Jones was in The Mask of Zorro. But in fact, decades have passed since then and our favorite stars look quite different now.

We at Bright Side got curious about how some famous people have changed over the years.

Sarah Jessica Parker (40 and 56 years old)

Bruce Willis (49 and 64 years old)

Emma Stone (19 and 30 years old)

Jennifer Grey (27 and 58 years old)

Kim Cattrall (44 and 62 years old)

Anjelica Huston (45 and 67 years old)

Johnny Depp (35 and 58 years old)

Isabelle Adjani (41 and 66 years old)

Ryan Gosling (26 and 37 years old)

Melanie Griffith (35 and 60 years old)

Drew Barrymore (20 and 44 years old)

Charlize Theron (22 and 44 years old)

Emily Blunt (26 and 37 years old)

Chris Hemsworth (26 and 35 years old)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (35 and 51 years old)

Kirsten Dunst (18 and 37 years old)

Donatella Versace (43 and 64 years old)

Who of these people do you think hasn’t changed much?

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