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20 Couples Who Make Us Believe True Love Is Not Just Found in Fairytales

From the first time their eyes locked to the celebration of their 70th wedding anniversary together, some couples out there are really “goals” when it comes to love. Despite all the time they’ve spent together, they still can’t get enough of their partner and love spoiling them with affection.

Bright Side has put together a list of wonderful couples who have managed to stay in love through the passage of time.

1. The moment they fell in love. “Picture of my parents, 1982.”

2. “She’s from Delhi, I’m from Wyoming. This September it will be 7 years of Cowboys and Indians.”

3. “The coolest couple I know (1972 / 2019)”

4. “My girlfriend’s grandparents on their honeymoon at Crater Lake, Oregon. Summer of 1947.”

5. “My parents at the beach — 37 years together, mom is battling breast cancer.”

6. This one time, at band camp, I met the love of my life. Just celebrated our 20th anniversary!

7. My parents just celebrated their 42nd anniversary. This was them in 1978.

8. Reunited with the love of my life after 7 months. Never been happier!

9. My parents at the beach, 1976

10. “This picture of my aunt and her wife getting married 27 years ago makes me so happy. They were before their time.”

11. “I surprised my wife with an anniversary party and the renewal of our vows.”

12. “My husband and I grew up with a lot of family problems & heartbreaks, now we have the happiest little family.”

13. “After 20 years of ‘dating’ and 3 years of being engaged, my parents finally got married.”

14. “My husband and I when we were 15 years old and at 33 years old”

15. “I replaced my wife’s bathroom scale.”

16. My husband sends me photos like this when I go to the bathroom.

17. “Every year we take a picture on our anniversary. It’s been 8 years already.”

18. When you finally find someone with the same sense of humor as you.

19. Find yourself someone who still looks at you the same way after 40 years.

20. A photo I clicked during my grandparents’ 72nd wedding anniversary.

How long have you and your partner been together? Share your favorite photo together in the comments below!

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