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20+ People Who Deserve an Award for Their Transformations

Taking care of yourself and your health can make a big difference in your self-esteem; when you have a healthy body image, you feel at ease with your body and know how to care for it. Some people take the reins of their lives and go all in, whether it’s leading a healthy lifestyle, being kinder to themselves, or having a more positive outlook on life. Glow-ups can provide you with a totally new look, but the following people seem like they’ve discovered the fountain of youth and happiness.

Bright Side loves to see the spark in people’s eyes in the “after” pictures, and we think you’d want to join the ride.

1. “Lost the chin but gained a smile”

2. “Proud of how far I’ve come.”

3. “3.5 years. I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.”

4. 15 years old vs 26 years old

5. “From age 16 to 27, got into grooming and a better diet.”

6. “2 completely different men! They not only look different, but more importantly, they LIVE differently!”

7. “8 months of living a life where I feel worthy of taking care of myself. Best decision ever!”

8. “I used to be afraid of having short hair because of the weight on my face. Today, I said goodbye to the old me and embraced my new life!”

9. “One year of weight loss!”

10. “A 3-month difference... still working on my glow-up!”

11. “My birthday last year vs my birthday this year — excited to see how I’ve progressed on my birthday next year.”

12. “13 vs 24”

13. “A 4-year difference between these 2 pictures!”

14. “Reminding myself where I started so I can be confident about where I’m going.”

15. What a glow-up!

16. “I feel so much happier, healthier, and more confident.”

17. “Smaller festival, smaller me!”

18. “Found an old pic of me and I don’t even recognize that guy anymore.”

19. “There’s just a little over a year between these pictures.”

20. “160 lbs lost! Celebrating keeping the weight off!”

21. ’’Proud of my transformation from 14-27″

Which glow-up is your favorite? Who do you think looks like a totally different person now?

Please note: This article was updated in March 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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