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20 People Whose Parents Could’ve been the Clint Eastwood and Marilyn Monroe of Their Days

Some people can’t help but shine in front of the cameras. Whether it’s due to charisma or beauty, their star quality can’t be denied. Throughout the decades, many were the people who could’ve won the hearts of the public had they followed a career in the spotlight.

Bright Side now takes you on a journey through the past with photos of enchanting people.

1. “My dad in the late 60s”

2. “My mom in 1954, after she came to America”

3. “My dad during the 70s in Texas with his pride and joy Cadillac”

4. “My mom was a total beauty in high school in the early 1950s.”

5. “A photo of my mom in 1959 that my dad took”

6. “My dad and his pet monkey in Vietnam, 1966”

7. “Pic of my mom on her wedding day. Circa 1962”

8. “My parents in the 1940s”

9. “My dad was a model for a short time while I was growing up, in 1990.”

10. “My mother in the 50s”

11. “My parents before their first The Cure concert, 1986”

12. “My father was a Korean War veteran. This photo was taken in December 1954.”

13. “My beautiful mother at sea in the 1950s”

14. “My parents’ wedding photo from 1957”

15. “My glamorous mum in the1950’s. She danced all night, wore beautiful frocks, and was the kindest lady.”

16. “My father was a handsome soldier. 1965”

17. “The photo my dad took of my mom after my birth in 1953”

18. “My dad the day he met my mum in 1990”

19. “My girlfriend’s dad, a small town sheriff in the 70s”

20. “My Danish mum in 1935”

What’s the best old photo you’ve ever seen of your parents? What’s the story behind it? The comment section welcomes all your tales and pictures, and so do we!

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