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20+ Photos Showing How a Simple Haircut Can Go a Long Way

There are so many different haircuts to choose from, but even the simplest one can make a huge difference in the way you look. After visiting their hairdresser, people on the Internet shared their before and after images to show the astonishing proof that we shouldn’t be afraid of change.

We at Bright Side couldn’t resist sharing these pictures that show people’s courage to take a step and change their style.

1. A Portuguese singer offered a complete makeover to a homeless man after bumping into him for weeks on the streets.

2. “Post-haircut update”

3. “Chopped off my hair and was surprised with these curls!”

4. “Got the job of my life, so I chopped off my hair.”

5. “Chopped all my hair off for the first time ever. The most liberating thing I’ve done!”

6. “Natural hair to short platinum blonde”

7. “I finally did it! I got the guts to get the haircut I’ve wanted for years!”

8. “I chopped it all off and dyed it too!”

9. “People always told me a pixie cut wouldn’t suit my round face, but today, I did what I wanted!”

10. Before and after

11. “Chopped off my hair and I haven’t looked back since.”

12. “Big’s something I’ve wanted to do at least once in my life.”

13. “I chopped off all of the hair I refused to cut for nearly 4 years. Feeling lighter and brighter.”

14. “I gave myself a haircut and dye job.”

15. “Because of bleach damage, I got a big chop. I’m loving it though!”

16. “A couple of years ago, I went from having long hair my whole life to chopping it all off!”

17. “Thank you for telling me to cut it.”

18. “For the first time in 23 years, my hair is short!”

19. “Help! I can’t decide if I want to keep my long(ish) hair or go back to short!”

20. “Was tired of the undercut for years and finally found the courage to do a big chop! Love it.”

21. “I wanted to surprise everyone with a drastic change, and I did it!”

Which change did you like the most? Would you dare to make a significant change to your hair? What would that look like?

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