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20 Uplifting Stories That Can Make Us All Weepy

As parents, we’re here to fight for our kids and do everything we can so that later, we can enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes even a stranger can perform a miracle that can leave a trace of good in our hearts forever. Each and every one of us eventually takes a photo of that special moment and shares it with the world.

That’s why it’s only a matter of time before we come across stories that can truly touch us, and we at Bright Side want to spread the stories even further.

1. This father practiced kangaroo care for his son who was born 16 weeks early.

2. “My son turned 2 years old and has overcome so much! He is my inspiration and makes me smile every day.”

3. “After what has been a pretty terrible year, I was able to hit the beach and enjoy the sunshine.”

4. “I woke up from emergency surgery. I couldn’t walk anymore — and a few days ago, I stood up and walked a bit.”

5. “When our pony lay down, our kids got down and snuggled in. It promptly curled its head around and fell asleep!”

6. “I’ve been creating dents in my desk from online learning. Appreciate your siblings, folks.”

The note says: “Hope this helps you become less stressed. I love you!”

7. “I started my family before I had a decent job. For the first time, I can think about what my little girl needs.”

8. This kept going for a week...

9. “My parents have been arguing. I baked my brother a cake and ordered a pizza. It made his entire day after feeling sad.”

The note says: “Happy 10th birthday!!!”

10. “A difference of just under 2 years, from a life-saving surgery at 7 weeks old to a crazy happy and healthy toddler!”

11. “Randle’s uncle came for the day and I think it’s safe to say he is very happy to see him! My pupper is smiling like crazy!”

12. “I just found out that my grandmother’s been hitting the weights, she turns 85 next week...”

13. “We’re going hiking.”

14. “My son has autism and he finally has an understanding of the tooth fairy.”

15. “Today is day 407 in my recovery. The best part is getting to be a dad again.”

16. “Years of infertility, a rough pregnancy, and a failed induction were worth everything. Welcome to the world, Robyn.”

17. Her daughter made her day like no one else had before.

18. Kids can surprise us on every level possible...they left candy for the kid instead.

The sign says: “Cool costume! Sorry, no candy. A child with cancer. See you next year! Have fun!”

19. “I was crying on the way home. A young girl came up to me and without saying a word, gave me a note and pack of tissues.”

The note says: “We all have bad days, but chin up, smile!! You’re beautiful!”

20. “His heart stopped during surgery. I didn’t know if I would see him again. Luckily, this picture is after crying tears of joy.”

Which story touched you the most? Did you see yourself in any of them? Do you have your own story that you’d like to share with us?