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20 Vintage Shots That Prove Our Ancestors Were Way Cooler Than Us

Even before high-speed internet, classy cafes, and dating sites, our ancestors knew how to live their lives to the fullest. They rode bikes, loved whoever they wanted to (even celebrities), and spent their time doing whatever made them happy.

Bright Side has made this compilation of 20 vintage photos, showing how incredibly cool the older generations were!

1.7 decades have passed, but her love for bikes is still the same.

2. “My mom and Arnold on a date in the ’70s”

3. “My grandmother acting in a play. Somewhere around the 1960s.”

4. My mom, arriving like a boss in her Ford Falcon, 1959

5. “My grandma and grandpa on Revere Beach in 1956”

6. “My uncle and I playing poker, circa 1978”

7. “My dad working on the set of the movie Critters in the 1980s”

8. This grandma stole all the hearts back in 1947.

9. “My grandad and his goat named Sarah, having their daily playful boxing fight, the 1960s”

10. “My aunt and her girlfriend in Jordan, 1982”

11. Getting the party started since 1969.

12. My mom glowing after giving birth to me

13. Eminem and my grandma, casually chilling in the ’90s

14. “Mom rocking the power suit for a job interview (1987)”

15. “My grandma when she was 17, 50 years ago”

16. My great-grandfather was a Popeye impersonator in the 1930s.

17. “My uncle made me rollerblades before I could walk (1994).”

18. Grandma was clearly going through a phase back in 1965. That’s my great aunt in the background.

19. “My dad in the late ’80s/early ’90s, he was one of the first rockers in China.”

20. Photo of my grandparents right after they got married

Do you have similar photos of your parents or relatives being super cool in the past? Share them with us and post them below!

Preview photo credit allaccountstakenfml / Reddit