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21 Human Actions That Put Common Sense to the Test

There are some people whose actions and decisions are nothing short of puzzling. For them, nothing is impossible! They can put their head in an aquarium to get a good a selfie or cut their friend's hair in a public place. And though their actions seem like they are beyond common sense, they never fail to make us laugh.

Bright Side has gathered some photos of people who turned off their brain's logic just for a minute and surprised everyone.

"I found something worse than socks and sandals."

"Going from 3rd into 4th always gives me trouble..."

"I'd like to rent a truck with a hitch. What am I towing? Nothing much, don't worry about it."

Just a man cutting another guy's hair in the park...

Underwater selfie

Meanwhile in Texas...

When you're staying late at work and decide to eat:

"This guy is playing his music out loud on a full flight at max volume."

Safety is the main concern, obviously.

When your barber has a vivid imagination:

An anti-theft fence

"I don't even know what to call this."

Drunk jeans

If your hair doesn't grow...

Wait, how do you use toys?

Technology of the future

Don't do that.

So you don't ever forget what your arm hair actually looks like.


What do his family members look like?

Never give up!

Have you ever met these kinds of people who behaved really strangely and didn't care? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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