7 Things Mothers-in-Law Secretly Wish to Tell Us Straight From the Heart

Getting along with your mother-in-law is actually a difficult task, studies say. There are many reasons behind this, but the solution may be to establish contact with your significant other’s mother. However, sometimes it can be hard to understand her motives and intentions.

We at Bright Side made a list of things your mother-in-law likely wants you to know, and we’d like to share it with our readers.

“I’ve been there too.”

I love my daughter-in-law! I’ve had 2 horrible mothers-in-law, which shocked my young self as I’d never seen such a thing! I go out of my way to encourage a good relationship, if my son loves her then there it is! © firefightersgirl76 / Reddit

“I also need support.”

I always feel really guilty because when my husband and I first got together, my mother-in-law would try and call me, and I’m a huge introvert, so I very rarely would answer the phone and talk to her.

Well, about a year and a half later, there was an incident with my stepdaughter coming to live with us full time and my mother-in-law stayed on the phone with me for hours being super supportive. Less than a month later, she passed away unexpectedly. I never did get the chance to meet her in person. I miss her so much, I can still see her in my head and I can hear her voice. I hate that I didn’t answer the phone every single time she called me. That’s a regret I will always have to live with. © Hero_For_a_Day2 / Reddit

“You’re like a daughter to me.”

“I don’t expect you to love me the way my son does.”

I’ve found over the years that it may not be that they don’t like you, but rather, they don’t know how to relate to you. Oftentimes, the mother-in-law has to walk a tightrope to do what’s right. Don’t expect her to love you as her son does. Actually, don’t expect anything. We have no idea how other people have been raised, which may be different than what you experienced. Keep it light and give it time. © Teresa Montgomery-Shafer / Quora

“I don’t want to be involved in your arguments.”

My mother-in-law always has time for me. She is always cheerful and always puts others before herself. She’s not even my mom, but she treats me like a daughter. She never takes sides when I have arguments with her son. She always offers unbiased opinions. She is a shoulder to cry on and a pillar of strength in my life. © goblinqueenac / Reddit

“I’m sorry for everything he does wrong.”

“I desperately love your children.”

My mother-in-law is actually my saving grace. She lives less than a minute away from our house and has fully embraced being an awesome nanny! I really don’t know what I would do without having her for support. She also looks after my son for 3 days while I go to work. I’m on maternity leave now after having my second, but she will still take my toddler for a few hours a couple of days a week, and one day a week she looks after my 2-month-old so my toddler and I can hang out together.

I mean, she’s way too soft with my toddler and he’s spoiled rotten when he’s at their house, but I remember my grandparents being the same. He loves them and they love him. © babymommao / Reddit

Do you get along with your mother-in-law? What has your mother-in-law told you that you’d add to this list?

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