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9 Transgender Models Who Reshaped Fashion

Our world is much more unconventional than we think. And there are some people who are not afraid to show that the rules are just an illusion if you’re open to showing your true personality.

We at Bright Side rounded up 9 beautiful and brave models who changed the world’s perspective and would like to share them with you.

1. Nathan Westling

Nathan Westling is the star of the Spring 2014 Marc Jacobs & Saint Laurent Paris ad campaigns. After a decade spent receiving therapy for depression, he finally realized that there was an underlying problem. The model then began transitioning from life as Natalie to life as Nathan which finished up in 2019.

2. Valentina Sampaio

Valentina Sampaio is the first transgender Victoria’s Secret’s model who opened up about it in August 2019. She became the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s first openly transgender model in 2020. When she was 8, her psychologist identified her as transgender, but she started to call herself Valentina after the age of 12.

3. Hunter Schafer

Schafer is a trans woman. She confessed that the internet helped her accept her gender identity: “The internet saved me — being able to go on to YouTube and watch people’s transition timelines, and see myself on a screen.”

4. Hari Nef

Hari Nef became the first openly transgender woman who appeared on the cover of a British magazine. She writes her own articles about fine art, gender, and identity.

5. Juliana Huxtable

Huxtable was interested in fashion and it led her to modeling. She’s taken part in many fashion campaigns. In 2014, she was featured on the cover of C☆NDY along with other transgender women.

6. Theodora Quinlivan

Quinlivan became the first openly transgender model who worked for the Chanel fashion house. She was also ranked as one of the “Top 50” models by

7. Lea T

Lea T is the first trans model in the world who achieved a top ranking in fashion. She fights for human rights and is a pop culture icon for transgender advocacy.

8. Andreja Pejić

Andreja was known as an androgynous supermodel. In 2013, she became a trans woman and one of the most recognizable transgender models in the world.

9. Geena Rocero

Geena Rocero is a Filipino-born, American model and a founder of Gender Proud. She started competing in beauty pageants when she was 15. In 2014, Rocero opened up about being transgender while giving a TED talk.

What do you think about changes in our modern world? Which model is your favorite?

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