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A Man Saves 3 Kitties Who Were Frozen to the Ground with Nothing but a Cup of Coffee

3 kittens were seen stuck and frozen into the ice, and lucky for them, a hero spotted the poor cats and saved them with some really quick thinking on his part.

Bright Side always appreciates selfless deeds, and what Kendall Diwisch did to save those little kitties was nothing short of heroic.

Frozen to the ground all night

The kitties were most likely dropped off by someone and, unfortunately, they got stuck to the freezing ice near the road to one of Kendall Diwisch’s wells. The cats most likely spent the entire night being stuck to the ground as Kendall found them there early in the morning. They were in pretty bad shape, and, since time was of the essence, Kendall did the most sensible thing in that situation.

Hot coffee to the rescue

Kendall ran back to his truck, grabbed his travel mug, and used what was left of his warm coffee to try to melt the freezing ice that had caught the little fellows. And luckily, it worked. He saved the 3 little cats and brought them to his home where they recuperated completely.

Fed, healthy, and friendly

Kendall shared a video of the 3 little kittens on Facebook, and the video went viral. Sadly, the kitties were without a home, and Kendall used this as an opportunity to alert everyone on Facebook that the cats needed a new family.

Several days later, Kendall updated his post on Facebook to tell everyone that the kitties had found a new home and that the 3 of them were all going to be well taken care of.

Home sweet home

This is one story with a very happy ending, and we’re just happy that there are good people out there like Kendall, a true modern-day hero.

What do you think of this man’s selfless acts? Do you think that he deserves to be called a true hero? Tell us your thoughts about this story in the comments below.

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