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Critics Have Published a List of the Most Beautiful Faces of 2018

A collection of independent critics, grown from a small collegiate project, headed by TC Candler chooses the 100 most beautiful men and women on the planet annually. After they vote and narrow down their list, they turn their results into 2 10-minute videos that are really enjoyable to watch.

We at Bright Side couldn’t ignore this event and decided to post photos of 20 of the winners from 2018. Let’s start with the men.

10. Armie Hammer, actor (USA)

9. Jensen Ackles, actor (USA)

8. Mariano Di Vaio, model and designer (Italy)

7. Marlon Teixeira, model (Brazil)

6. Shawn Mendes, singer (Canada)

5. Kim Tae-hyung, singer and actor (South Korea)

4. Felix Kjellberg, videoblogger (Sweden)

3. Idris Elba, actor (Great Britain)

2. Jeon Jung-kook, singer (South Korea)

1. Jason Momoa, actor (USA)

And here are the winners in the female category.

10. Banita Sandhu, actress (India)

9. Lalisa Manoban, actress, singer and model (Thailand)

8. Oktyabrina Maximova, model (Russia)

7. Hande Erçel, actress and model (Turkey)

6. Nana, singer (South Korea)

5. Audreyana Michelle, model (USA)

4. Liza Soberano, actress and model (the Philippines)

3. Yael Shelbia, model (Israel)

2. Chou Tzu-yu, singer (Taiwan)

1. Thylane Blondeau, model (France)

Do you agree with this list? Who would you like to see in first place? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments!

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