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Kate Winslet Is a Mom of 3 Kids From 3 Marriages and Here’s How She Keeps Her Family United

Kate Winslet, 46, is a mother to 3 children from 3 different husbands. That said, somehow, she makes it work perfectly. She shares daughter Mia with her first husband Jim Threapleton and son Joe with Sam Mendes. Finally, she had a son, Bear Blaze, with her current husband, Edward Abel Smith (earlier known as Ned Rocknroll). Mia is now 21 so Kate’s journey into parenthood is 21-years-old and she says she would change nothing about it.

Bright Side adores strong women and Kate Winslet is as powerful as they come. Here’s how she keeps her blended but beautiful family together and makes it work just right.

1. Kate has a can-do, will-do attitude.

Winslet’s firstborn, daughter Mia Honey was not even a year old when her marriage to Jim Threapleton ended. Later, she married director Sam Mendes and had a son, Joe Alfie. 9 years later, Winslet was a single mother again but she never let it bring her down because being a mom for Winslet meant having a can-do attitude.

Barely months after giving birth to her third child, son Bear Blaze with her third husband Edward Abel Smith, Winslet was shooting again. She told the media what it meant to be a mom to her, and it was absolutely a can-do, have-to-do situation. Said Winslet, “There’s something really empowering about going, ’Hell, I can do this! I can do this all!’ That’s the wonderful thing about mothers, you can because you must, and you just DO.”

2. Powering through the age gaps.

Mia is now 21 and very much an adult, making her foray into movies. Her debut movie was with Kate, in 2014, titled A Little Chaos. Her elder son, Joe, is 18, and Kate’s youngest, Bear Blaze is now 8 years old. That’s quite an age gap to handle and Winslet admitted that it was a challenge with all of her children needing different things from her, emotionally or otherwise.

She said, “Logistically, that is very complicated because it means different schools, different pick-up times, different after-school clubs, and so on. And emotionally too, they all have very different things they need from me.”

3. Keeping away from social media is a rule.

Kate has made a firm decision to not be on social media, and she leads by example which is why her children aren’t on there either.

She did say that today’s world is pretty scary with everyone being in contact with strangers. She spoke about it as well, “We live in a world where we have to be aware of all this stuff, unfortunately. And it’s feeding this young generation in a way that’s beyond terrifying, so normal friendships aren’t even normal friendships anymore because, half the time, they seem to be forging relationships with people they’ve never met.”

4. Having a great partner is a big help.

Kate also believes that having a good partner, a good father, is very important. And she is besotted with her current husband, Edward Abel Smith, who had changed his name to Ned RocknRoll but changed it back when he became a father.

Kate gushes over Edward, saying he’s the best thing to have happened to her and to the family on the whole. When she had her youngest, Bear Blaze, she was shooting too. But with her husband taking care of the kids at home, Kate was absolutely at peace. As it should be for any working mother.

5. Kate Winslet is a very hands-on mom.

Winslet likes to be a very hands-on mother and does not keep much staff. She likes the way her childhood went, modestly, and believes in doing things for her family herself. The Oscar-winning actress said, “I want them to look back and remember my chicken soup and my packed lunches and that it was me on the school run.” She believes her children would “hate it” if she had the staff do these things for her.

Kate feels it was these little things, that she remembers from her own childhood, that prove to be the most important. So she feels she needs to do the same for her kids, for them to feel normal. As she says, “I don’t want them to feel that they are any different because of my job.”

6. She tries to get it all done and have some fun too.

Kate Winslet is a can-do, have-a-lot-to-do kind of mother. With 3 children, there is of course a lot to do. But Kate carries on, cheerfully. “Quite honestly, I just try to do everything with a spring in my step and a smile in my heart, and even if I’m exhausted, I just try to get on with it. I think it’s all about having that ‘can-do’ attitude, learning to multi-task, and being able to be truly present and calm.”

She also does not care that much about her weight anymore, considering she has gone through 3 pregnancies. The media may be talking about it all the time but she feels life is too short to keep bothering about trivial stuff like this. For her, parenting is fun, so it’s best to enjoy each day as it comes.

7. Passing on body positivity to her daughter.

Kate Winslet feels like she is a far cry from what she was as a debutant in Hollywood. She’s 46 now, feels more confident than ever, and is more than happy about her 3 babies. And she’s fine with all the changes motherhood has brought to her body as she said in an interview, “My body will never go back to what it was, and I wouldn’t expect it to after 3 babies.”

Winslet was not always body-positive. She claimed that she was bullied in school for her weight. She also recalls that she never had positive role models when she was young, so she tried her best to instill body confidence in her daughter, Mia Honey Threapleton. The mother and daughter used to stand in front of the mirror admiring their curves. It seems to have helped. Mia is now an actress herself in movies like Shadows, and she looks so much like a young Kate.

8. Kate Winslet doesn’t care about what people think about her.

The one way that Kate manages to take all the gossip and remarks that are said about her, is by simply not caring. She cannot be bothered about everything that people say, about her being a mother to 3 children by 3 different fathers.

And she said so in an interview as well, conveying that no one has the right to be judgmental about other people, simply because they do not know anything about the circumstances or the truth of anything. The Titanic actress said, “It baffles me, truly, that you can publicly treat a person like that. It’s not very nice. I’m really sorry to the nation’s press that I fell in love and got pregnant. I do apologize if you deem that irresponsible.”

So which of Kate’s little gems had you nodding in agreement as a parent? Did her mothering style add some brightness to your morning?

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