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Meet Aaron Rose Philip, Gender Non-Conforming, Teen Model in a Wheelchair, Who’s Storming the Internet

Experts say that the ideas about feminine beauty have been with us for 23,000 years now. These “ideal” standards have had a damaging effect on the minds of women who have always tried to conform to beauty ideals during all eras. Nowadays, the beauty industry has finally become more diverse, and there are more and more models who make a real breakthrough in the fashion world and ditch typical beauty labels and standards. One such model is the heroine of today’s article, Aaron Rose Philip.

It all started with a rebellious spirit and rock-solid goals.

Model Aaron Rose Philip has been in love with fashion for as long as she remembers. While she had a huge dream to be a part of the modeling world, reality turned out to be far from a fairy tale.

She grew up in New York City, one of the poshest, chicest capitals of the world, and was always disappointed by the obvious lack of diversity she noticed in editorials and fashion campaigns. The biggest frustration came from the runway shows that took place twice a year during Fashion Week in her city.

So, like a real representative of Gen Z, she wasn’t shy about expressing her opinion on social media. Little did she know that the tweet she posted in 2017 would be a major turning point in her life.

One tweet suddenly changed everything for the aspiring model.

In her short but emotional tweet from 2017, Aaron Rose Philip expressed all her opinions about the injustice in the fashion world. She wanted others to hear that the time she would be discovered by a modeling agency would be a countdown to a huge change in the fashion industry. Her post went viral, and after that, Philip was noticed by Elite Model Management.

From then on she became the first Black, trans model with a disability to be represented by a famous agency.

The real breakthrough came later and made a real stir in the fashion industry.

Among Philip’s achievements are gracing the cover of Paper magazine and being interviewed by supermodel Naomi Campbell. She has shot editorials for American Vogue, British Vogue, and Vogue Italia, and has appeared in campaigns for a lot of world-famous brands.

The model also starred in the music video for Miley Cyrus’ song, “Mother’s Daughter,” which received over 120 million views and counting.

But the real breakthrough was when Aaron Rose Philip made her New York Fashion Week debut in Moschino’s Spring 2022 show. She made history as the first model in a wheelchair to appear on the runway for a huge and famous fashion house.

The model’s experience has become a real inspiration for the whole world.

Aaron Rose Philip has become a huge push for the beauty industry to become even more inclusive. She feels that beauty standards have to become broader without being an oppressive burden for people anymore.

In her interview, she emotionally said, “I feel incredibly humbled and grateful that Moschino and Jeremy Scott were the people who changed my life and the people that I could share this moment with. For so many years, all I’ve wanted was to see a model gracing a major runway using a wheelchair or mobility aid, and now I get to say that was me! It’s important that it’s not just a singular moment though, but the start of a more inclusive reality in fashion.”

Do you feel that the fashion world is changing nowadays? Who else, in your opinion, is breaking stereotypes in the modern fashion and showbiz world?

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