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People Shared Stories About Meeting Celebrities Who Turned Out to Be Truly Awesome

We tend to perceive celebrities as stars in the sky — it’s extremely hard to reach them, not to mention come into contact with them. Turns out, there are actually quite a few people who were lucky enough to meet famous people in the flesh. What’s more, the celebrities they met appeared to be very simple and down-to-earth people, just like you and us.

We at Bright Side collected stories from people who shared their personal experience of meeting a celebrity and each of these stories is a gem. By the way, one of the celebrities is mentioned in 2 stories, can you figure out who that is?

  • I met Renee Zellweger and she was so much kinder than I ever could have imagined. This was when hurricane Harvey hit Texas. I was working at Austin Pets Alive and we were taking in thousands of animals from hard-hit areas. It was insane. One day Renee Zellweger just showed up to volunteer. No warning, no fanfare. She spent a week volunteering. She did laundry, cleaned out poop covered crates, and drove vans of dogs from Houston to Austin. © arabelladfigg / reddit
  • Saw Ryan Gosling at my brother’s graduation. His mom was graduating with a master’s degree from the same school. Ryan sat in front of me. He clapped for every kid who got on stage to get their diploma. I was so tired from such a long ceremony that I almost didn’t even clap for my brother. © yuri_yk / reddit
  • I was about 8 when I stumbled across Stephen King. He was in a rush getting out of a limo, going into a building, so I quickly shouted, “Mr. King I love Cujo!” He gave me a bemused smile and said “Who the hell let this kid read Cujo?!” © 2Dfruity / reddit
  • Met Elvis Presley in Las Vegas in August of 1972. I was in the Navy stationed at Point Mugu, California, and drove to Vegas to see him live at the midnight show. During the performance, Elvis called me out and thanked me for my service. Near the end of the show, a man came up to me and asked me if I’d like to meet Elvis after the show. He escorted me backstage to a room and after a while, Elvis appeared showered and hyped up after his show. He sat down next to me and talked about his army service and wanted to know where I was from and what I was going to do spin discharge, how I liked serving my country and what music I listened to, and about my parents and my sisters. He was so down to earth and so polite. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. © elvisfan66 / reddit
  • I’ve met Adam Sandler a number of times at work, he’s super friendly and down-to-earth. Our whole staff is just stoked every time he walks in the building, and he’s super nice to fans who approach him. I can’t say enough positive things about the guy, I just wish I could acknowledge to him that I’ve been a huge fan since I was a little kid. © merk4ba / reddit
  • I saw Brian Cranston at the Space Needle, I didn’t ogle but I made eye contact. He knew I recognized him, but I didn’t say anything. Oddly, later that same day saw him in a nearby cafe, he paid for drinks for my friend and me as he left. Pretty sure he appreciated us not bothering him. Super nice. © eddiethreegates / reddit
  • Terry Crews went to my college. My boss was his RA, and would tell us how he was just this giant football player and he— my boss— was a 5’3 chubby redhead nerd with big glasses who had to enforce the rules. So Terry was popular and would have these cool people to his room— and once my boss had to go and “shut it down” after a complaint from the dorm supervisor. So my boss goes and knocks at the door, which Terry opened, and said he was totally dwarfed and staring up at this hulking, muscular guy. He squeaked out, “Can you please turn down the music?” And Terry stared at him, then let out this big laugh and said, “Oh no, I didn’t realize how late it was! Sorry, dude! I’ll turn it down.” Then invited him to stop by later for snacks and to hang out with the other jocks if he got hungry after rounds. Boss said he was the nicest resident he ever had and never played loud music after curfew again. © cosmic-diamond33 / reddit
  • Jack Black is an awesome guy. My ex-sister-in-law is his personal assistant. When she broke up with her boyfriend, he let her live with them until she found an apartment. My ex and I helped move her furniture into their basement and stayed at their house a night. He was so nice and welcoming and was genuinely interested in where we were from (the Midwest) and our lives. © ushouldbesad3333 / reddit
  • Hugh Jackman is known for being nice, but I didn’t expect him to be so genuine and actually keep the conversation going and keep asking questions and showing interest. It must be exhausting considering how many people he meets every day, yet he is always on. © Ninerism / reddit
  • I met Hugh Jackman when I was working an event he was at. I was in uniform just standing around making sure no one bothered him. He made a point to come over to each officer and thank us for being there. A group of girls were there, looking to get an autograph and a guy who I can only assume was his agent, tried rushing him to the car. Jackman told the guy to be quiet and go wait in the car and that he’d be there when he was finished.

    2 years later, I’m working a similar event, and Jackman approaches me to say hello, asks me how I’ve been, “It’s been what? 2 years at least. How the hell are you?” Icing on the cake? He remembered my first name, which was not on my uniform. © BeachCop / reddit
  • Kristen Bell — one of the sweetest, most down to earth people you’ll ever meet. I worked at a high-end hotel spa and she came in on one of our busiest weekends and was so patient. Most celebrities I encountered booked with aliases and through an assistant, she just called in on her own and booked like any other person would (this seems like the bare minimum, but I’ve had some super needy celebrity guests). She is also an EXTREMELY generous tipper. She is the exact person that she appears to be in TV interviews. © Hailey_i / reddit

  • I met Liam Hemsworth at a supermarket in a small coastal town in Australia earlier this year. I almost didn’t even notice it was him as he fits in seamlessly being the down to earth, laid back Aussie guy he is. He was super nice and genuine and even made an effort to thank the employees and the store’s security on his way out. © GuessComprehensive62 / reddit

  • Robin Williams was shooting a film in my city and he stopped by the nearest senior home just to say hello and take pictures with the residents. No other reason than to brighten up their day. A class act of a man. My grandma was a resident at this home. © c4WPGMB / reddit
  • I met Gordon Ramsay once at a book signing event. I was just walking around the area and ran into him in his free time. He was actually so nice and down to earth. Talked about food for a few minutes and how he’s liking his trip so far. Super nice guy and nothing like you see on his cooking shows. © IDK-to-put / reddit

Have you ever met a celebrity? What was your meeting like? Was this person nice or arrogant?

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